In my previous post, I looked at the importance of taking the first step towards achieving your goals or you can call it- making that JUMP. This week, I thought it would be essential to continue on from the previous post and address one of the problems we encounter when we actually take that first step. It is the issue of consistency- remaining consistent throughout the journey.

Why so many people find it hard to remain consistent?

There is a well-known quote by Mackay Moral which says “If you are persistent, you will get it but, if you are consistent, you will keep it”. This is so true because of many people start this jounrey to success but very few finish. Along the journey, many give up because of one disappointment or rejection or a mistake they’ve made. And if we are really honest, staying consistent is not always easy.  It requires perseverance; it requires you knowing your WHY. That is one thing I know for sure that will keep you going. I write from experience as I have faced challenges along this journey of building Motty Inspires. But the fact that I have a mission bigger than me, it keeps me going. It is not about me but about the young people out there who need a platform of inspiration and empowerment to do the great things they were called to do. Have there been discouraging moments? Yes. Frustrating times? Yes. But I have realised it is not about me.

When you know your WHY, it keeps you in check. It gives you something to strive for. I wrote a post on this; feel free to check it out here. Your WHY serves as a source of motivation when you experience the hard times. Your WHY can be the loss of your parents or grandparents or the drive in you to succeed despite your background or your social class, to break away from stereotypes. That could be your WHY- when you think about your parents or family members back home rooting for you and praying for your every endeavour.

Often times, people see their limitations as a disadvantage and it could be your age e.g. you are too young to go after your goals; people might say ‘what do you know?’ ‘What experience do you have?’ or it might your social class or certain mistakes you have made in your life. Instead of letting these hinder you, let them be your WHY. Let them be your fuel for success.

Furthermore, I could bring this concept of consistency down to our level as millennials- you might have started your blog and three months down the line, you are not posting again. Or you have started your lifestyle YouTube channel and after two weeks, you aren’t posting videos. It could even be a good habit you are trying to adopt like going to the gym every morning or at the end of the day and after a week, maybe you are not seeing the ‘immediate results’, and so you quit. Friends, life is more than this. Life is about falling seven times and getting back the eighth time. It is about perseverance even when there aren’t immediate victories, when you haven’t got a huge amount of followers, blog stats or viewers. It is having faith in your vision and putting one step forward each day knowing only the best is yet to come.

A Personal Experience…

Earlier this year, I faced some technical issues with Motty Inspires which was set to get me pretty frustrated. I wasn’t posting for two months because my website was down. Now, that was one big test! I’m going to do a proper video on it! Stay tuned guys! Some exciting projects coming up on Motty Inspires. But during that time, I was confused and I wondered why it had to happen- just over a year of starting my blog. Nonetheless, during this time I realised how Motty Inspires was really important to me, It gave me a sense of clarity, knowing I set up this platform for the right reasons and it is a mission I wanted millennials around the world to be impacted by. So instead of quitting….which was not even in my dictionary or complaining and beating myself down, I used that time to learn more- research more about the personal development industry, watch videos on titans in my field, schedule some more blog posts, write down my short term goals for this brand and my bigger vision.

Also, prior to this time, I felt I needed a break from blogging and branding because it was getting overwhelming,  so many things to do, so many BIG goals, worrying how I was going to implement them but this challenge provided the break that was much needed. I took the time to look inside- that is where your hidden power is, that is where greatness lies, inside of you.


The journey to achieving your goals and becoming successful on your own terms is certainly worth it! Yes, there will be the hard times, but you have to understand that they have come to bring out the best in you and give you the grit and wisdom that is needed in life. So embrace the journey, let your WHY drive you! If you are still unsure of how to discover your ‘why’, check out this post here! Remember, consistency is KEY. It is one thing to make the move and another thing to keep making those moves every day of your life!
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Motty xo