In life, there are times when we feel weary, when we feel like giving up and we question our faith in our dreams. We go through the challenging times whether it is in our personal lives, health, academics or business. These are moments which test who we really are.


I go through these times especially while trying to build a personal-development brand, there are moments where I question my abilities, where I question my capability but then I am reminded of these three things which I will share below. For me, times like these provide clarity, they allow me to be clear on my goals and what I want to achieve in every aspect of my life.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t take away from the weary feeling and so here are three things to think about whenever you feel like giving up. You might not have a blog or a YouTube channel or a side-hustle, It might just be a new journey you have just begun and along the journey, you get discouraged…this post is for you!


  1. Think about WHY you started: I say this from experience and it is a tip I have applied countless times and even recently…Why did I start Motty Inspires? What do I hope to achieve? Where am I headed to now? Friends, your WHY is your motivation! Your WHY is what pushes you daily? Think of the reason you made that decision and started this new journey, it might your health and fitness or a new course at university or a new job. Think about your WHY. And if you are reasons are genuine, they will give you the drive to keep pushing forward relentlessly. When I thought of the impact that I wanted to have, the young people that need to be empowered, the online personal development platform that needs to exist so millennials have that space to come and feel inspired and motivated…When I thought about these reasons, quitting became far from my dictionary. So, to you out there, discouraging moments will come, the challenging times will lurk around but let your WHY keep you going! I shared previously on the blog: 4 Ways I Stay Motivated Daily! It features my WHY and they keep me grounded each day of my life.

2. Think about the END GOAL: There is something about writing your goals down…It’s something I’ve heard time and time again but actually doing it was stirring, It gave me something to work towards. I came across the idea again in Hayley Mulenda’s book “The ABC’s to Student Success” and that was the first exercise in the book- ‘To take a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle and at the very top of the paper , write where you want to be and at the bottom, describe where you are now. She says in the book “Look at the gap- you have a fair way to go, you need to accept the journey is going to be a long one.” This book I must say is amazing!! It is for every young person who is ready to begin a new journey in their life. I did a book review so check it out here and if you like it, feel free to purchase it here!
So the journey to you achieving your goals will be a long one but when there is clarity of what you want to achieve, it gives you greater strength to keep going!

Think about the man or woman you want to be five years from now? What do you hope to accomplish? Where do you hope to be? Ask yourselves these questions. Sit down and think carefully.

The person you will be years from now is relying on who you are now- the choices you are making and the actions you are taking each day!!


3. Find a channel to let your emotions out: Often times when you feel like giving up, there are lots of things cluttering your mind. It might be a disappointment or rejection or simply negative self-talk. Those emotions need to be let out. For me, it is through journaling, for you, it might be talking to a mentor or a close friend or having some ‘me time’ to reflect and do some self-talk. For others, it might be going for a run or finding something you enjoy doing which will help clear your mind and give you a sense of direction. It is important that we as individuals take the time to regain consciousness of who we are and our purpose here on earth.

So, these are just a few tips that have worked for me whenever I feel discouraged. The most important thing is remembering why I started?!

What works for you? How do you cope with challenging times? Let me know in the comment section.


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Motty xo