“Pressure is a privilege. It only comes to those who earn it.”- Bill Jean King

As young people, we are constantly faced with pressure in virtually every area of our lives. Personally, this past week has been one of those weeks, with crazy uni deadlines as well as meeting some of my personal goals and strategising new areas of growth for Motty Inspires. I have ‘big’ dreams for this brand and most times they scare me…but like I mentioned in the last post ‘If your dreams don’t scare you, they are not big enough.’ I make it a point of duty to step out of my comfort zone each day, to do the things that scare me, to put myself constantly at the forefront of opportunities. Having to juggle these different areas of my life is not easy, and nothing good comes easy. So how does one handle pressure? How does one handle challenges?


Here are my four favorite tips:


Take a deep breath

This is so important and goes a long way in calming you down. Taking a deep breath is acknowledging everything that is going on, all you have to do, where you want to be, the disappointment you’ve just faced etc. and breathing out brings relief. It is like evaluating a situation, the things that went well and the things that didn’t and choosing to try again, choosing to get back on your feet. It’s in these times you remember who you are and what you were made for. That you were meant to last and everything you are currently going through is for a purpose. It has been placed on your lap because God knows you can handle it, God knows you can overcome. So when you breathe in, just think ‘okay, so and so has happened or so and so is not going well but I’ve got this!’


A quick nap

This might sound cliché but over the last few weeks, it has been an effective tool for me. Whenever you’re under pressure or you’re stressed or you’re faced with one of those deadlines, take a quick nap! It helps to calm you down and gives you more strength to take on that challenge. You will wake up feeling energized and more equipped to handle whatever is in your way.



One tool that has never failed me! We cannot handle the pressures of life all by ourselves. It is impossible- we are humans and an effective way to handle challenges is through prayer. Commit your works into God’s hands and ask for wisdom and leadership. He does not fail!



Another important thing to do when you’re under pressure is to prioritize- write down the most important things you need to get done first to the least important task. As you do each task and you tick them off, you feel so much better and more prepared to tackle on the next.


Do not panic. Do not fear, you were made for this. You have got this, you were born to do great things and don’t settle for less when things do not go out as planned. Take the challenges of life with the right attitude; the right attitude will change every situation from bad to good. Be solution-orientated, it’s your responsibility to look for the good in every situation.

Here is an interesting article to read: ‘How Tony Robbins handles Negativity in Life’!

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Motty xo