Hello everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving! From the title of this post, you’re probably aware of what I’ll be sharing…and that’s “giving thanks.” In other words, it’s showing gratitude and I want you all to take time not just this weekend but I want it to become an everyday ritual.

You see friends; we’ve got so much to be grateful for. Often times, the hustle and bustle of life, its demands and the hustle we have to do every day often blinds us to the amazing things that happens each day of our lives. The fact that you’re alive, you have family or guardians or loved ones, look around you and think of others who don’t have what you have, others that don’t have the education you got, or the house you live in, or who are living with one disability or the other.

Personally, as this year winds off, I have so much to be thankful for; I started Motty Inspires in January and to see how far I’ve come, the support you all have shown, the connections I’ve made and the blessings that await this brand. I’m grateful! This doesn’t mean I haven’t faced challenges, I face them each day I wake up but it’s having the strength to persevere, it’s having that inner drive that propels you to wake up each morning and pursue your dreams no matter how uncomfortable it may seem. Friends, sometimes it takes you being uncomfortable to get you to the place you were destined to be. We all need these kinds of situations, we need pressure sometimes, and we need stress. I was watching a Ted Talk recently and the speaker (a psychologist) was emphasizing how we need to understand how not all ‘stress’ is bad for you and how it actually does a whole lot of good for your brain and biological system. Without stress, we would just laze around. Stress creates that drive, it motivates you to act. So it’s your responsibility to know how to channel that stress in the right way.

My point is, don’t be too consumed with the demands of life that you forget to appreciate the little things, the blessings God showers on you each day. Young people, let’s cultivate this habit of gratitude. For you, it might be getting a gratitude journal and writing five things you’re grateful for each day, or it might be saying it out during your prayers or on your way to school or work, as you go along your day. I wrote post months ago on The Power of Gratitude and how successful people share this common principle and that’s why they are where they are, that’s why they continue to succeed. They do what the 99% of us are not willing to do.

Start today. Start now. Write down five things you’re sincerely grateful for. Take time today and reflect on 2016, all its successes and challenges, the scars you got along the way and how they are a proof that you overcame, that you’re more than your struggles. Keep pressing on friends! The battle gets hot sometimes, but let’s not lose hope. Don’t give up. Keep your head high, work hard, give it your all and always show gratitude.


Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy the break!

Motty xo