Happy Holidays!!!

This is the last full week of this year and I felt it was important to do a Year Review and share some lessons I learned this year. Initially, I was supposed to do a chit chat audio post, but I decided that a full in depth post would be best…

Personally, 2017 has been a huge step outside my comfort zone. I encountered experiences which forced me to grow and mature; all of which I am grateful for. I know this post might be all over the place, because there are experiences too personal to share and others which I would love to share with you all but it would be so long to recount.

Nonetheless, I will be sharing with you five key lessons  I learned from this year and which I hope to implement in the coming year.


*Trust the process: Throughout, I have learned to trust my journey. There were times where I felt ‘Lord why me,? ‘ Can I handle this’ ‘This is too much for me’ But through it all, I’ve realised that everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens by chance. It is all the greater good. And through this experiences, I’ve come to know myself better. I have realised how strong and determined I am. As difficult as these experiences were, I reminded myself lately that ‘I can’t have the blessings and the lessons without the test.’ I also made sure I surrounded myself with positivity and encouragement either through my family, social media, podcasts, books etc. Affirmations also worked well for me. I’ve attached some of the affirmations I wrote down on my phone which served as a constant reminder that ‘everything is working together for the greater good.


Though, I might not understand why certain things happened, I have to trust that God has got my back and everything occurring is under His watch. Click To Tweet




*Consistency is the key to success: You want to win, you want to excel, stay consistent. This is not just something I’m telling you because I’ve heard it time and time again but because I have applied it in my own life and with my brand- Motty Inspires. I have applied it to my academics at university- putting in my best each semester and so when you get your cumulative grade, even if one term your grade dropped, your overall average is good because you have been consistently putting in work. Another instance is with deadlines and exam, you will never find me rushing to read days before the exam or completing an assignment the day before the submission date; each day I am putting in some work, reading the assigned materials or doing the research for that assignment etc. Also with my side-hustle, I am consistent with putting out quality content on the blog….It is not always easy. It takes work and dedication but I have realised that if i want to see results in any area of my life, I have to be committed and I have to be consistent.



*No situation is forever: Both the good and bad times will come and go. I always keep this perspective in life so I realise that the situation or the hustle I have to put in now for example the work demand  at university is not forever. It is temporary pain/endurance for a lifetime of reward and fulfillment. And it is absolutely worth it!! So keep the end goal in mind! Keep your future in mind. If you read my post on 4 Ways I Stay Motivated Daily, you will see that ‘thinking about my future self and the goals I want to accomplish keeps me constantly in check.

So enjoy the good times and learn from the bad times. It will all work for the greater good.



*For every problem, there is a solution: I’ve learned that it is always too early to give up. No matter what challenge you find yourself, there is always a brighter side. Sometimes the brighter side is you just being alive and in good health knowing that there are people in the world battling with one disease or the other. So, in all things, there is so much to be grateful for. And realise that every challenge is a blessing in disguise. Take it with the attitude of ‘What can I learn from this experience?’ ‘What should I do / not do going forward?’ Aim to be a solution finder. Breathe in, breathe out and let’s talk solution…



*Be a Planner/ Think ahead: I am naturally someone who plans ahead, I guess sometimes it’s gets too much and I begin to overthink and worry about certain things in the future. But, I have also found myself stuck in circumstances where I failed to think ahead and prepare for the ‘what if’s?’ And you can review this year and think ‘this would not have happened if I planned ahead or prepared for the eventualities.’ Or I should have been more proactive or not have been to careless or sloppy.’ So one of my biggest takeaways is the importance of planning ahead and being more proactive about certain things in life.

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These are my 5 biggest lessons of 2017. Each day brought a new challenge on its own. I got to know myself more, evaluate my life and really heal from past wounds, realising I’m not my mistakes. This is a new me. It took me time to heal and i’m still in the process…

But this journey is not a  strive for perfection but for progress each day…

Some of the things I would like to carry on into 2018 is the goodbyes to people-pleasing, trying to be accepted or begging for friendships…that was old me! 2017, i waved it GOODBYE!

And i would definitely like to carry this on and just focus on my lane and eliminating any negative vibes in my life. No time for that. And it is a choice you have to make- To live life caring what other people think about you or focusing on becoming a better person each day..


I would love to know what lessons you learnt from this year so don’t hesitate to keep the conversation going in the comment section.


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Merry Christmas!!!


Motty xo