Every journey starts with fear.”- Jake Gyllenhaal

There is never the perfect time to go after your dreams and achieve your goals. There will never be a point in time where you are not afraid or fearful of what might happen, if your idea will work, or what people will say. Personally, I can testify to this…starting Motty Inspires was a step outside my comfort zone especially relaunching the website earlier in June. But I have realized greatness lies outside your comfort zone. Prior to launching my website, I did not know what to expect, had no knowledge of blogging and branding, all I knew was that I wanted to provide a platform where young people can be inspired, motivated and empowered to achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves. It was when I made the move, took the first step that more ideas began to develop and more opportunities came my way. Since then, it has been a life-changing experience and I have begun to immerse myself with everything personal development from books to videos, webinars and networking with other bloggers and content creators.

Even till now, there are still moments when I am scared, not that I am doubting my vision but stepping outside my comfort zone and building the Motty Inspires brand requires hard-work, perseverance, and consistency.  These are the principles that have kept me and will keep you against all odds when you set out on the journey to achieving your goals.

The Inspiration of this Post came from…

Recently, I read the article “How 2 Entrepreneurs Wrote Their Business Plan on a Napkin at a Bar (and Why the Plan Worked)” on It was such an amazing read and the inspiration for this post came while reading. It featured two women who founded ZinePak in 2010 and their business plan literally came from a simple strategy of writing out the two things they wanted from their business on a napkin which was i.)to make money and ii.) and to have fun. They took that leap of faith and have never looked back. They interviewed the co-founder on what it was like taking a big LEAP and what her advice to upcoming entrepreneurs was and she responded with “there is never a right time…you’re never going to feel 100% about it, you’re never going to feel super excited but you have to do it anyways because you’re meant to. There are ways to limit the risks but at the end of the day, you’ve got to make the leap.” It is so true. Every great idea started from a place of fear, uncertainty, thinking outside the box and taking calculated risks. But instead of letting fear be a hindrance, it was used as a fuel for success. Friends…this is so important and I wrote a post on “How to make fear your fuel.” Check it out here!

So whatever your goal might be, go for it! Whatever your dream requires, do it! Every day is an opportunity for you to take little actions to reach your ‘big goal.’ I am a big believer in young people dreaming BIG, but being determined and ambitious enough to focus, work hard and remain consistent even when the odds are high. There will be challenges on your journey to success especially for us as millennials. But, remember the world is your oyster and there are so many great opportunities that lie ahead of you. At this stage of your life, everything seems to be overwhelming…well for me – being at university and wondering what my life after university will be (career wise), balancing my side-hustle (Motty Inspires) and working towards building it to a full-time brand, becoming financially independent. I have BIG dreams like so many of you reading but FOCUS is key and most importantly, taking the first step- taking that JUMP.

Recently, I finished Steve Harvey’s book ‘JUMP’, a brilliant read which I recommend for anybody wanting to make that next move in your life whether it is in your career, relationships, academics or business. Taking that JUMP is not easy! But with passion and determination, anything is possible. Do not limit yourself and always remember that everything you need to excel lies right in you. Look inside!


I will end this post with a quote by Ijeoma Umebinyuow on making that first step towards your goal. I also posted it on my Instagram Page. You can follow me on Instagram for daily life hacks and words of inspiration!