On your journey to success, you will encounter the ‘season of preparation.’ This is the real deal; this is where we differentiate the disciplined people from the indisciplined. It is the stage where we see the persistent ones who keep going against all odds and the ones who give up too soon. Success is a journey not a destination, ask any successful person they will tell you that they’re still becoming, they are still striving and learning, making mistakes each day and using them as tools to sojourn.

As young people, it’s during these years that the ‘season of preparation’ usually comes, for some it comes later but it’s best to sow now and reap later. Many often mistake these years as time to relax and things will sort itself out. The truth is that it’s the other way round. These years are the trying times when we have to hustle hard even when we don’t see immediate results, but keeping our eyes fixed on our mission, unwavering. One important tool to living the life of your dreams and achieving your goals is focus. Some people have goals they set out to achieve, it could be weekly, monthly or even yearly but often times they don’t get to where they want to be because they lose focus along the way, the distractions come by and they take their eyes of their purpose.

If there’s anything I want you all to take from my blog posts is that you are not just ordinary and were not sent to be ordinary. You’re here on a mission. You’re on earth for a purpose, we are all born with a calling and over the years with the help of parents, family, tutors, we harness those God given talents. They stir up that gift that lays inside of you. For some young people, they don’t have the privilege of having a good support system and they have to seek motivation from within. I always make mention of these in my tweets and posts that sometimes in life you’ve got to be your biggest motivation, fan and cheerleader even when you have family around. In some cases, they are the ones you have to prove wrong, they sometimes doubt your ‘big’ dreams and discourage your ambition. This is when you summon strength from within and, show who you are and what you are made of. Be sure to follow Moty Inspires on Twitter and Instagram for similar content.

This season of preparation requires hard work, smart work because some people spend hours working unproductively and expect fantastic results, it cannot work. Work smartly, put in the effort, do that extra research, go that extra mile, put all your energy into it, give it your all and whatever the outcome, at least people will know one thing: that you never gave up!

My goal for Motty Inspires is that it will provide a haven of inspiration where young people can come to the realisation that nothing is impossible with God. If you do your part, you will reap it! It’s a simple principle to say but a more challenging one to do. Sometimes this season will throw in disappointments, criticisms, a lot of NO’s but through it all you’ve learnt one thing and that’s to SURVIVE and not just survive, but to thrive! You will discover during this time the champion and hero that you are. We often limit heroes to maybe our favourite celebrities, or people who have served extremely well maybe for their country or someone that has endured an obstacle but do you realise you are also a hero. We are all heroes. Every day we are fighting our individual battles and there are people with stories, there are people going through more than what you are undergoing. It’s true to say that there is always someone worse off. So remain grateful through it all. Gold has got to go through the fire; it has to be refined before it gets that glow! That is how it is with life and success.

I’ve read books on very successful people today and don’t be surprised to hear some of them have similar stories to yours. They went through their season of preparation and you have to go through yours. Above all, keep your head high, stay true to your values, don’t compromise for no one and enjoy these years the right way because you want to look down the line with a smile, with gratitude and not with resentments or regrets. In the end, we regret the chances we didn’t take. As the saying goes “success comes when preparation meets opportunity. You want to achieve a certain goal, what are you doing?


Motty xo