What do we do other than trust? What can we do other than have faith? We, as humans have no way of knowing the future, we can only believe and we can only trust our current journey and hope that our faithfulness now at our post of duty will pay off and it will. But it all depends on our attitude right now, our attitude during the journey. Success is not a destination, It is a journey. It is a learning process, we grow each day, and one does not reach a certain place in life where you say ‘I’m successful, no need to keep trying…I’m done.’ Even the most successful leaders we admire today still work very hard; they are examples of determination, perseverance and hard-work. They have learnt that ‘when the going gets tough, keep going,’ that you don’t give up when you encounter failures, that the journey to success consists of pitfalls, roadblocks, stop signs, rejections etc… but you have got to keep pressing on.

Let me bring it down to our level (millennials/young people). It is not always easy to trust our current process, it is not always easy to hold on when we get that rejection from our chosen university/college or that job you wanted so bad. It is not always easy to keep trying when you don’t see imminent results, when you don’t get the blog stats you want or when you are trying to build your social media presence and you seem to lose followers each day and you are doing the right thing. It is not easy but what good thing in life comes easy. Even gold must go through the fire. So must we. And young people must learn these life hacks right now so as you get older, you become stronger, wiser, more mature, you learn the importance of grit and determination. That is what brings the true fulfillment in life and I believe that is what we all want at the end of the day- knowing you did your best, knowing you always kept trying even when you didn’t feel like it…even when it didn’t seem like it but giving it that go. And that is usually the ‘aha’ moment, that is usually the time your breakthrough comes, it just takes that extra effort, that extra discipline to wake up and study, to take that calculated risk, whatever it may be.

As millennials, we live in a world of instant gratification. ‘I want this now.’ Express delivery, instant messaging, instant coffee, fast-food…everything is screaming INSTANT! And so we get accustomed to this, then when we face the realities of life, we show our true colours because…friend, that is not how life is. Nothing good in life comes instantly. It takes patience and this is something we as a society are gradually losing. The ability to wait. The ability to trust the process. The ability to be faithful at our post of duty while holding on to the promise God has for our lives. They don’t teach this in the classrooms or the lecture halls, you don’t even learn this in the workplace most times. These lessons come as a result of one’s experiences and with platforms like mine who are able to promote such content that will tell you the raw truth, so you can grow, grow into the best version of you.

I write/speak always from experience. I’ve had to ‘trust the process’ most times in my life. It’s easy to see me- a millennial + personal development blogger and think I got it all together, got it all good, thick skin and all. But it is not always that way. I’m still growing, still becoming…and as I grow through these experiences, I share some lessons, this being one of them- to trust, to be consistent. Being a blogger in the self-development space requires a whole lot of consistency, requires perseverance. It is not always easy, I don’t always get the results I want. Sometimes, I get frustrated when I can’t get myself together, when I’m not super organised because I’m an organisation freak!- a perfectionist to be honest and being in this niche, there are expectations people have of you. I can’t always fully reach these expectations even though I would love too. But I’ve got to respect this journey, to trust my current status, realising I am a work in progress. I am ‘on becoming….,’ and so are you…


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Motty xo