What do we do other than trust? What can we do other than have faith? We, as humans have no way of knowing the future, we can only believe and we can only trust our current journey and hope that our faithfulness now at our post of duty will pay off and it will. But it all depends on our attitude right now, our attitude during the journey. Success is not a destination, It is a journey. It is a learning process, we grow each day, and one does not reach a certain place in life where you say ‘I’m… View Post

Ease is a greater threat to progress than hardship.” – Denzel Washington Listen to the news, pick up the newspaper, scroll through your Twitter feed, I can guarantee you there is something to complain of. That is life and that is the job of the media- constantly bombarding you with lots of information which sometimes causes you to whine….but what separates great people from the mediocre is the fact that they are doers. “Oh…there’s going to be a recession,” “Oh…people are losing their jobs.” While 99% of people are complaining and worrying…the 1% are writing out their strategies to make… View Post

On your journey to success, you will encounter the ‘season of preparation.’ This is the real deal; this is where we differentiate the disciplined people from the indisciplined. It is the stage where we see the persistent ones who keep going against all odds and the ones who give up too soon. Success is a journey not a destination, ask any successful person they will tell you that they’re still becoming, they are still striving and learning, making mistakes each day and using them as tools to sojourn. As young people, it’s during these years that the ‘season of preparation’… View Post