Last year, I wrote a post on ‘What to do with haters on your success journey?” I feel it’s an important post to refresh on again, this time around with a different angle. One thing I want you all to know is that people will be people, not everyone will like you, not everyone would be nice to you and it’s still something I’m getting used to and something I’ve gradually overcome-people-pleasing. The reality of the world is that we are all in a rat-race, a very selfish one; everybody is concerned about themselves, what can benefit them and what… View Post

One lesson I’m learning each day is to love me. As cliché as this may sound, it’s something I’ve made a decision to do. It is also something a lot of young people struggle with- self-love. We are always willing to look at our negative parts- what we can’t do, the mistakes we’ve made, the failures we’ve caused but not quick to highlight our successes, to embrace our uniqueness, to appreciate our ‘differences,’ it could be in terms of race, background, experiences…they are all part of our story. If you are not going to cheer ‘you,’ who will? If you… View Post

“Comparison makes you feel superior or inferior. Neither serves a useful purpose.”  – Jane Travis ‘Why can’t I be like her?” “Why can’t I be skinny like she is?” These questions do sound familiar to many of us. At point in our life, we have all played the comparison game. What a game! It brings self-doubt, low self-esteem, strips away your confidence, leaves your jealous and filled with hate, makes you ungrateful. So much negativity attached to playing this game and yet quite a number of us still take part. I felt this topic was an important one to address… View Post

“When you feel like quitting, remember why you started.” – Unknown What is your why? What keeps you going against all odds? What makes you jump out of bed each morning? What propels you to keep pushing forward? This is called you ‘why.’ We all have a ‘why’. Your why is the reason why you want to be successful. There has to be something that keeps you going, most times we think we don’t have one, but we do. Your scars, your trials, are your why. They are why you push harder, they are the reason you do not give… View Post

Hello everyone! 2017 is almost here, just a few days away and it’s important we reflect on this past year and see what it has brought and what we would like to carry on to the following year. I actually got this idea from my fellow blogger Amanda Cross of  Happy Arkansan, she set out a challenge of taking a sheet of paper with a list of the 12 months and next to it, writing the most interesting thing that happened in that month. I felt this was ‘reflection’ was an important thing to do hence I thought I would… View Post