And just like that… We’re entering a new year in about 27 days! It’s amazing how this year has flown by. I recently put out a post on Instagram on the 1st of December; just reflecting where the Motty Inspires brand was as of last year and to see how we’ve grown into an awesome community. And this is just the beginning… So this week, I’ll be sharing a few tips on how you can get yourself ready for the upcoming year. As uncertain as each New Year holds, the importance of preparation can’t be overemphasized. As the well-known saying… View Post

Happy New Year everyone! 2017 is here and it’s come pretty fast. I’m very optimistic about this year especially in regards to Moty Inspires. I’ll be sharing this year’s goals for Motty Inspires on our Instagram Page so make sure you’re following! 2017 presents us with another blank slate. 365 days to make a difference. Another opportunity to walk in your purpose, do better, be better, work harder and think straight. This is a year to hustle even harder, put in even more effort and to stay focused because like any year, 2017 will have its challenges, disappointments and if… View Post

Hello everyone! 2017 is almost here, just a few days away and it’s important we reflect on this past year and see what it has brought and what we would like to carry on to the following year. I actually got this idea from my fellow blogger Amanda Cross of  Happy Arkansan, she set out a challenge of taking a sheet of paper with a list of the 12 months and next to it, writing the most interesting thing that happened in that month. I felt this was ‘reflection’ was an important thing to do hence I thought I would… View Post