Woah! What a title!! This past week has been a challenging one for me, mixed emotions and settling back to uni and everything seems overwhelming and I’m overthinking…To sum it up, the first few days of the week  were complicated…and I was reminded of this quote I came up with: “When the going gets tough, keep going”! Life is a beautiful journey and the word ‘beautiful’ is used to capture all the twists and turns of the journey, all the good days and not so good days, learning to smile and keep pushing through it all. I don’t know how… View Post

Hi everyone! 2016 Presidential Elections is finally over! Wow! For those who’ve followed through, what a challenging one! Though some may not have expected the results we had, it’s important not to lose hope but to stay focused and true to our dreams and let’s all come together realising things happen for a purpose and it’s all for the greater good. Over the course of the past year and a half, I’ve learnt three life lessons from the Elections and I feel it will be helpful to share it with you all. You see, every event that occurs, or every… View Post

Hey all! The Olympics are always my favorite; every sport brings its own art of skill and talent. This year’s Games were an interesting one! With Usain Bolt taking the lead in the Athletics, Michael Phelps not relenting in the Swimming and of course the Final Five in the women’s gymnastics bringing to light the amazing Simone Biles. Watching all these has taught me a lot no doubt, I’ve seen champions on display and here are five lessons I took from this Olympics. Persistence is key in life: I cannot overemphasize the level of practice and hard-work all the athletes… View Post