Hey beautiful people!! I’m so excited to introduce to you all my third guest on Motty Interviews. She is an absolute Girl Boss honestly… I’ve been a fan of her YouTube channel for almost a year and I’ve been inspired by her tips for teenage entrepreneurs as well as insights on how to live a happy, productive and successful life. She is definetely an inspiration to other millennials out there with over 130,000 YouTube subscribers; she is a testament that ‘age is just but a number.’ You can build your succeess from a young age and be independent in your… View Post

Hey everyone! Hey Girl-Bosses! I am so excited to bring you another blog post that will inspire and empower the ladies to move a step higher on the success ladder (however you define success.) First things first. Girl bosses aren’t perfect! They haven’t got everything together. They haven’t got it all figured out. They make mistakes. They get discouraged. BUT and that is the key word -They don’t allow all these things define them. They realize success is a journey and it’s not a straight one- it has bumpy rides, stop signs, junctions, road jams etc. And that is life…but… View Post