Personally, writing has been a childhood passion that has grown over the years. Nonetheless, a couple of years ago, I reached a turning point in my life where I became acquainted with personal development and really decided to focus on me, my personal growth, evaluating my life’s decisions and really get my life back together and with that I mean- living life with purpose. I’m not just here on earth to go through the motions of life but here for a greater task. During this period, I got acquainted with self help books, watched documentaries, interviews that has literally changed my life. I stumbled across a quote one day which said “I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say because of you, I didn’t give up.” As soon as I read that, it summed up my mission in life. I wanted to work with young people in the area  of personal development and that led to the birth of Motty Inspires.

I have never looked back since then.



  • Articles under the personal-development genre i.e. success, motivation, achieving your goals and productivity..
  • A deep look into the lives of successful people as well as their brands; finding out what drives them, some of the principles they imbibe and looking at ways in which we can apply those principles to our lives.
  • “Motty Interviews” where I will be giving you all exclusive interviews with millennials from around the world as well as experts who have paved the way to success in different industries e.g. business, technology, entertainment etc. They’ll be sharing their achievements with us and giving a piece of advice on how you can make an impact on the world right where you are!
  • I’ll also be documenting my college experience here and sharing with you all some college hacks, surviving your freshman year, how to make the most of every semester and much more. There will be loads of guest posts from college students who have experienced what you’re going through and they’ll be sharing tons of advice.
  • Lastly, I will be giving insights on some of the things that hinder young people from reaching their dreams e.g. fear of failure, low self-esteem, negative self-talk…and looking at ways in which we can wave goodbye to them and welcome a more positive and fulfilling life. I will also try to incorporate my personal experiences within the blog posts. So if you’re a victim of any those or you’re just wanting some help or advice on becoming the best version of yourself…you’re in the right place!




Don’t get me started….I could go on and on about what I want to achieve with Motty Inspires. I see not just as a blog, but an online brand. I treat it that way, I put in the effort, I remain consistent and I strive to put out quality content catered to the needs of my audience.

I hope to build Motty Inspires into an online community of ambitious young people who are READY to take their lives to the next level; who have come to the realisation that their existence here on earth is meaningful and Motty Inspires is here to serve as a constant reminder and tool of your purpose and help you become the best version of yourself.

I want Motty Inspires to be a hub where millennials from all the world can come to when in need of inspiration and empowerment to go after their goals and be great men and women in their society.




In order for this brand to achieve its truest potential, I would need your support. If you love the content you see here, make sure you leave a comment, share it with friends, leave your thoughts. You never know who needs some inspiration to take one step forward in life. You never know what the next person going through so, a few words from the blog posts might make the difference in their lives and get the candle lit just the same way my purpose was ignited when I stumbled across that quote.


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Motty xo