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Welcome to Motty Interviews! I honestly can’t believe I’m saying this. It has been a long time coming and certainly a dream of mine to have a platform where I can interview other millennials and they can share their success stories with us. But most importantly, providing a space where we can challenge each other to greatness. You will be able to hear from successful millennials in virtually every industry from business to education, technology as well as fashion and entertainment. Stay tuned! This series on my blog is to inspire you to think that ‘if he or she can do it, why can’t I?’

Enough from me…

My first guest is Mowa Ojo!

Mowa Ojo is a First-class graduate from the University of Leicester and the Host of ‘The Mo Chunks Show.’ I had the pleasure of interviewing her after I watched her ‘University Testimony’ video on YouTube which was inspiring and empowering. In this interview, we get to know the person behind the Mo Chunks show, she shares what motivates her, her university experience which includes friendships, getting good grades and lots more.

Let’s get right into it!


MOTTY: To begin with, who is Mowalola Ojo?

MO: Mowalola is a nice guess but it’s not quite my full name haha. Well before anything, I’m a woman of God. Next, I describe myself as a media personality, who utilizes various platforms to reach her target audiences. I host an online talk show, called the MoChunks Show, which features chunks of life, fashion, entertainment, and relationships. I wouldn’t consider myself a minister, but most if not all of the time, there’s always a message in my content about God. There will be specific content which is all about faith, but generally, my content is diverse (talk show style) but I still try my best to let God shine through. I’m also slowly growing to being an advocate for body positivity, as I’ve gained a bit of weight over the past two years or so; I love seeing confident women. It feels especially special when a message I may have put out, even through a simple Instagram post has helped someone feel that little bit better about how they look.


MOTTY:What most people know you for is your YouTube channel- The Mo Chunks Show? How did your idea for this come about?

MO: I think my ideas for what the show should be has definitely changed and evolved over about 5 years now. Initially, I did a talk show with my friend called the ‘ Twigaay and Chunkaay’ show; we called it that simply because she was skinny (twig) and I was more on the chubby (chunk) side. We were literally bored one day – I like to talk and debate on life issues; so I asked why don’t we film a video? Our first topic was ‘Is it hypocritical to go clubbing on Saturday and then church on Sunday?’. People found it funny and we made more every now and again. I ended up steering the ship most of the time since it was my idea; I just convinced her to be by my side – lowkey, I was scared to do it on my own.

Back then, YouTube was not what it is today. It was definitely innovative, there weren’t many ‘talkers’ on YouTube; it was all about hair and makeup; a few pranks here and there.

Slowly, it became harder to motivate my partner to film with me and the T&C Show slowly died down.

I gained admission into university, moved from home and therefore the distance between us increased. I kept doing videos on my own saying ‘sorry but twigaay isn’t here today’ until a friend of mine called me on the day. May, her name is. She said ‘Mo, why don’t you just make it your own thing; I don’t think twigaay is available anymore’

I prayed about it. I prayed hard. Like I was on the floor crying to God for direction.

I was in the shower one day; I started singing ‘chunks of life, chunks of fashion, chunks of entertainment, chunks of relationships’. Then it CLICKED. The ‘MOCHUNKS’ Show.

I was very scared but soon as I took the plunge, I started seeing growth in my channel. This was after 3 years of on and off with the T&C show. Things were finally making sense. Sorry for the long story, but that’s really how it happened! Lol


MOTTY: Your recent video ‘My University Testimony, Journey to a First Class’ was so inspiring!’ How was it filming this video?

MO: I was on holiday in America, and the Holy Spirit kept reminding me that I need to share my testimony. I wasn’t sure whether I would be able to as where I was staying in New York didn’t really have an intimate background, with good light for me to film in. I went to North Carolina to see family and my aunt had a beautiful house, with the most perfect back drop. The house was full though, kids running around. I just had to wait for everyone to go out and then I got a chance to film. I think only my uncle and my little sister were in, but I didn’t mind them hearing me or rather couldn’t let that make me hold back. So I just let God lead.


MOTTY: What do you think are the biggest challenges facing young people today?

MO: Finding their identity. There are so many warped ideas of what men and women should be today and the things they should be doing. Get rich quick schemes and promiscuity is suddenly popular, and almost everyone wants a taste; even Christians can be tempted or even participate at times.

I do believe, however, once you know who you are and what you have been placed on this earth to achieve, everything changes. You are not easily shaken and you remain focused.


MOTTY: What are the three life hacks you would give to university students?

MO: SAVE your student loan.

Cook in bulk and store the storable.

Get yourself a diary and write every important thing/ date/ event down.


MOTTY: How were you able to balance work and a social life and still come out with a 1st?

MO: By analyzing my ever changing schedule and shifting the balance towards the priority. First year, I could afford to have a lot of the social; as I went into 2nd and 3rd year, that slowly went down. My YouTube channel suffered because of this. I wasn’t as consistent and things were stagnant for a while. Now that I’ve graduated, I have more time to pump into to it and I’m thankful to God that things are picking up again. So I always told myself, it’s okay to sacrifice certain things temporarily to achieve a good focus on university.


MOTTY: What were the necessary ingredients to you achieving a 1st in Biomedical Science?

MO: Attending every lecture (I missed a few, but MOST were attended)

Lecture notes: keep them neat and up to date THROUGHOUT the year, not at the end, just before exams.

Keep up with assignments; finish a week before the deadline.


Have a good relationship with your tutors and lecturers; talk to them, they give good advice.

Apply for roles within the university e.g. course rep – makes your face known

STUDY to understand not to memorize; university is more about the application of ideas and concepts rather than a memory test. Its hard but temporary pain for a life time of pleasure.


MOTTY: In your University Testimony video, you talked about having to deal with mental health at university? How did you get through that phase of your life?

MO: I self-diagnosed myself with anxiety after a long time on the internet. I had suffered a few failures which I talked about in the video and I just wasn’t sure where life was going anymore, which ended up making me very numb to everything.

Honestly, God pulled me out of it, through a reality check. I went to visit a lady from my church, in hospital, who was battling cancer. Sadly, she passed away. But she was always so positive, despite the position she found herself.

I tapped into what she was radiating and literally ‘snapped out of it’. From that moment I just had a feeling things would be better – even if all my plans don’t exactly manifest, I will still trust in God.


MOTTY: You also gave a special shout-out to all your day 1’s- friends who have stood by you through it all? How important was cultivating the right friendships to you?

MO: There’s a saying “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are”.

Also, I believe you become what you take in.

For these reasons, I’ve always understood that one can be easily influenced by their circle of friends. Don’t get me wrong, there is a level of personal responsibility involved. You have to know yourself and stand firm in it, but we are human and therefore we have weaknesses. Samson was a strong man but Delilah was his weakness and subsequently his downfall. We have to be careful that those we spend time with, hence creating intimacy, do not drain the things that God has placed in us, out.


MOTTY: What is the biggest lesson you have learned in uni, which will carry you throughout life?

MO: Be kind and of good nature, regardless of what people do to you. How people treat you has got nothing do with you but is more of a reflection of how they feel about themselves, so, try not to take things too personally.


MOTTY: What is your advice to someone starting university in September and wondering what the next three years or more hold for them?

MO: Be ready for the ride of your life. You will go through the fire, but you will come out more refined and precious. Enjoy the good times, they don’t last forever but the memories will always go with you.


MOTTY: Today, we see more and more students starting side-hustles at uni whether it’s a blog, YouTube, business etc. How did you balance uni and your side-hustle (The Mo Chunks Show)?

MO: I think this kind of goes with what I mentioned earlier about prioritizing and shifting the balance as and when needed.

Know when to take a break and know when to return. The time to grab your degree is limited but your purpose is forever, so be wise.


MOTTY: What motivates you each day?

MO: I’m not even sure I can describe it. I’d like to say God has placed something on the inside of me that I can feel each and every single day. It’s almost like a burning; it pushes me to act on things, each and every day.


MOTTY: If there’s one thing you want young people to take from this interview, what would it be?

MO: Be yourself, you are who you are so you can reach those you need to reach.


MOTTY: Lastly, where can people find you online?

MO: Twitter and Instagram: @Mochunks (personal) and @themochunksshow (the show)

YouTube: MoChunks Show



MOTTY: Thanks Mo for your time!

Motty xo

MO: Thank you very much for having me!

Mochunks xx



If you haven’t checked out Mo’s University Testimony video, you can do so here!

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