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It is my pleasure to present to you all my second guest for Motty Interviews- Ashanti Chanel.

I’ve been following her on Twitter for a while  and I was inspired by her daily Positive Reminders and her advocacy for self-love especially in today’s virtual world.

In this interview, she shares her journey to becoming confident in her skin as well as why so many people today struggle with self-love and lastly practical tips that will help you all on your self-love journey!


 Who is Ashanti Chanel?

ASHANTI: I’m 19 years old and from Mississippi. I’m a Motivational Blogger, Youtuber, & future social worker lol! I started my blog- LoveYOUself💘🌺  almost a year ago and ever since then, my life has changed! My goal is to just help society be who God created them to be instead of being what this world has created. I’m just here to heal what society has broken in you!

Ashanti Chanel is a young woman that didn’t have the best life but she made the best out of it. She’s strong, confident, wise, but she’s also beautiful not just on the outside but ESPECIALLY on the inside. I had so much fun doing this interview and I hope you guys enjoy it❤️❤️❤️

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 What does self-love mean to you?

ASHANTI: Self love to me is being satisfied and content with who you are and where you are. In order to love yourself you must love who created you, I believe in God and I also believe that we are made in His image. So if I can be satisfied with God then why can’t I be satisfied with who He created?


 I saw this question on one of the Interviews on your blog and I thought it would be a good question to ask you: When did you begin to love yourself unapologetically without anything holding you back?

ASHANTI: I started loving myself the summer of 2016, my whole life I had always depended on people to make me feel beautiful, loved, & appreciated. I felt as if the world was over looking me, but in reality I was overlooking myself! I didn’t see what God saw in me, in myself. I had to start looking myself in the mirror and say “Shanti you are beautiful, you are worth it, please don’t give up on life, please appreciate who you are. I remember nights where I would cry because I felt as if I was a disgrace to myself. I was so afraid of failing but I wasn’t even trying to succeed. I had to get out of my feelings & try a lil bit of Jesus ️.


What do you love most about yourself?

ASHANTI: I love my personality, a lot of people don’t get me at first. They think I’m weird and crazy because I’m always so hyped and happy but they don’t realize when I was younger I really needed someone like that in my life. I live by this quote- “Be who you needed when you were younger” You will change so many lives by doing just that.


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 How does one embrace their flaws and insecurities and not let it stand in their way of success?

ASHANTI: It’s all about what you allow yourself to think about yourself. If I’m allowing myself to feel ugly, ashamed,etc. then that’s what I will be. No one can make you feel these things unless you let them have that power over you! I don’t know about anyone else but, nobody is controlling me except God and if you ain’t Him then bye! The way you think about yourself will tell how far you will get. If you think of yourself as “low class” and you want a “high class” job do you think yourself gonna get it by thinking like that? Think about it.


MOTTY: Shanti, your Instagram and Twitter Page is simply filled with positive vibes, encouraging people to appreciate who they are. How do you stay positive in a world of social media comparisons and insecurities etc.?

ASHANTI: I’m not going to lie, IT’S HARD!!! This is why it’s so important to watch what you let in your life especially on social media. If you notice, I follow nothing but positive people which is why I don’t follow a lot of people on my social media. What you allow your eyes to see and your ears to hear affects your spirit. I also try to stay away from negative things and people that will make me question who I am. You also have to remember this is social media! People will only post the happy moments in their lives because we all want the world to think we have a good life. You have to be so content and busy with your hustle that you won’t even have time to see if the grass is greener on the other side.


 The positive reminders you post on your social media are so uplifting! What inspired you to start this?

ASHANTI: I honestly don’t even know lol, I feel like God just puts little things in our heads and allows us to create. It was something cute at first but I actually saw them making a difference. That just encouraged me to do even more!


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 Being a motivational blogger, you are prone to having to deal with the good and bad days. What keeps you motivated against all odds?

ASHANTI: PRAYER PRAYER PRAYER! The only thing that will keep me motivated. I feel like a lot of people have the wrong idea of prayer. Prayer is suppose to be a conversation with God. Talk to Him like He’s your best friend, let Him know you’re tired of hurting, you’re tired of feeling defeated. Cry to Him and when you lay down your problems, don’t pick them back up!


What is your advice to someone reading this who struggles with low self-esteem?

ASHANTI: A lot of people don’t see it this way but as I’m getting older I’m realize that loving yourself is a choice, you have to want that for yourself. Like I said before, you alone can allow someone to make you feel less than who God says you are. I know it’s hard and it seems like there’s no light at the end but, remember that God sees things from a heavenly stand -point. What I mean by this is, He knows you are going to make it through, but He’s allowing you to go through this so you can finally see the strength He placed in you.


What’s the one thing you want young people to take away from this interview?

ASHANTI: Believe in something positive, if you don’t believe in God believe in something positive. You can’t expect to get through these hard times if you aren’t even having faith and believing that things will get better. Speak positive things into your life, but you have to put in that effort. Faith without works is DEAD!


 Where does Shanti see herself five years from now?

ASHANTI:I’m praying that God allows my blog and YouTube channel to grow. I pray that I’m modeling more clothing, married lol, and just living life the way God wants me to. I know that I’m going to get far and it’s coming soon.

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Lastly, where can people find you online?

ASHANTI: Instagram: Ashantichanel, Twitter: LoveYOUselfAC, Snapchat: Ashantichanel, YouTube: Ashantichanel




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