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I recently watched the “We will Rise” film on Let Girls Learn, Michelle Obama’s initiative for girl’s education. It was amazing! Their stories were so inspiring! The film took us on a journey of Michelle Obama’s trip to Liberia and Morocco along with CNN’s Isha Sesay and actresses Meryl Streep and Freida Piento. They helped in bringing these girls together and letting them share their stories.

Watching them talk about the hardships and difficulties they’ve got to endure in order to get the education they deserve. For some of these girls, it’s waking up early to do the house work, prepare their siblings for school etc., go to school, and when they get back, carry out the same duties before they settle down to do homework at midnight with a candle. Mind you, most of these girls live in rural areas, some have to travel far to get to the nearest secondary school. Others have to do part-time jobs to be able to pay their tuition, books, uniform etc because they have no support from their parents either because they don’t see the need for a girl to be educated up to high school or because they can’t afford it.

Each of these girls have their unique stories. One thing they all have in common is passion, hard-work and perseverance. These are people just like you, they go through the same challenges you do maybe even worse. But they have learned to persevere and rise above all the obstacles and negativity. Personally, this is a lesson I’m learning and it’s something we as young people should take heed too. The importance of hard-work and sacrifice in order to achieve your goal. I know the future of these girls is bright because they’re sowing the seeds of success now and life is not a respecter of persons. If you apply the principle of hard-work, focus, determination, you will reap abundance, success- however you define that, most importantly you’ll get the fulfillment one needs in life.

I have inserted the trailer so you could a glimpse of what the film is about and the inspiration behind it. You might not have the same story as these girls. But we all have goals we want to achieve, we have our lives planned out, well some of us. I believe that’s why you’re reading this, you’re hungering to become a better you and stories like these will inspire you. As young people, it should inspire us all. We’ve got a future ahead of us; what are we doing today to draw us closer to that future? It’s one thing to dream, it’s another thing to take the steps your dream requires. If these girls are pulling it through, why can’t you pull through? What excuse do we have? We’ve got amazing dreams ahead of us; we’ve got this one life to turn those dreams to a reality. I was watching a motivational video featuring motivational speaker, Les Brown saying “Most people take their greatness, their ideas to the graveyard with them. The wealthiest place on the planet is the graveyard because in the graveyard we will find inventions that we were never exposed to, ideas, dreams that never became a reality, hopes and aspirations that were never acted upon.” I found this so true.

The stories of these girls are salty. I admire their courage, resilience, their hard work, getting up early each morning even if they don’t feel like it, attending classes even if they don’t feel like it. Think of this; if we listened to our feelings, where would we be? If Oprah listened to her feelings of procrastination, would she be the media mogul she is? People won’t tell you the toil they have to go through day and night. There’s no such thing as ‘overnight success.’ We all have our sheer of challenges but what is your attitude?

I want to let you all know that your scars are reminders of obstacles you’ve overcome. Don’t let them strip you of your confidence; instead let them propel you forward. Young people, the challenge is on us! The responsibility is ours. Let’s make use of our gifts, let’s unleash that champion inside. I tell myself this every day. It’s worth it.

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