And it’s holiday time…

Spending time with family and loved ones…

Good food, good vibes.

I’m up for it.

But it’s important that in the midst of the fan fair, that each day is spent with purpose. Life was meant to be lived with intention and meaning. So this week, I’ll be sharing three ways you can stay productive during the holiday period. 2018 is creeping by pretty fast and it’s important to stay ahead and on top of your goals for the upcoming year.


3 Ways To Stay Productive During the Holidays


#1: Plan out your day: I think the key to an accomplished life is planning…it’s all about preparation and foresight; not leaving things to the last minute and having the ‘let’s see how life goes’ attitude. Each day, it is important to PLAN OUT YOUR DAY. Obviously during the holiday season, there’s a lot of down time, brunches, dinners, catching up, write down all these in your schedule/planner and allocate time for that so you know what you are doing at every time T and you are able to be more in control of things. Allocate time for you. I always emphasise on this point. Carve out time for your personal development. Take time during the week to pick up a book and read, listen to podcast, find new areas of growth…


Which leads me to my second point.


#2: Find new ways to expand your horizon: Each day is a new learning curve, new opportunity to improve on yourself, become a better person. During the holiday period, there is TIME for you to try out all the things you’ve wanted to do, attend that networking event, meet new people, make new friends, learn a new language. So much room for growth. Take full advantage of it. Don’t spend your whole lazing around, constantly refreshing your Instagram and Twitter feed. Do something reasonable in your life. Go somewhere exciting! Travel; the world is not meant to be lived in one place. That’s a post for another day. Do something new this holiday.




Personally, I try to take advantage of the holiday period especially with regards to working on my side-hustle, and developing my skills. It’s my time to work on me and my brand especially since the academic year is hectic. So I would encourage you all to set short goals each day and try and work towards them.



#3: Know your limits: Know when to take a break. Avoid multitasking. Holidays is a time to rest and not overwork yourself. A lot of time should be spent on evaluation- evaluating 2017 and how it has been for you and what you can improve on. Better still, identify one area you are going to work on or improve on during the holidays, it could be a particular module or making better financial decisions, learning how to budget etc. Identify one thing, stick to it, master your skill and then move onto another task.


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Lastly, I feel it’s important to add that as much as you want to spend this holiday time ‘DOING YOUR OWN THING’, do not also neglect time with your family and loved ones and the chance for you to go out and meet people. Go out and step outside your comfort zone. Education is not only found in the textbooks and online, your day to day experiences, the conversations you have with people, the places you visit are all part of your exposure and help you in becoming a well rounded, knowledgeable citizen.


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Happy Holidays


Motty xo