It’s the back to college/university time of the year and for some, they are beginning a new season of their lives.

University is an interesting experience; so many amazing memories are being formed each day. Nonetheless, like every other journey, it throws its curve balls. Sometimes, it is difficult to stay motivated when there are crazy deadlines, personal/family challenges, academic struggles etc.

So, here are 5 Ways To Stay Motivated At University…

1) Remember the reason why you are at university: For me, this is the root that keeps me grounded. I’m at university to earn a Law degree, to learn all I can in these three years and ultimately help society afterwards with the knowledge and skills I have acquired.

In short, it is important you KNOW YOUR WHY! Your WHY will keep you anchored during your tough times.  For you, it might be the thought of making your parents proud or even making yourself proud. Whatever it is, let it keep you motivated. When you have those discouraging moments (which you will), think about your WHY. Think about why you paid all that money to come. Think about the investment and sacrifices that is being made for you.



2). Have an accountability partner: This is so essential not just in university but generally in life. We need people to keep us accountable each time. It might be your mentor or your cousin you look up to, or simply a friend of yours who is on the same frequency as you. It is amazing when friends motivate each other at university and accomplish their goals afterwards. We all need motivation and it is easier when you have someone who is constantly keeping you in check.

Find someone who has similar goals to you and keep each other accountable. This could include sending each other motivational messages or reminders of the tasks they need to do. Better still, you could create a motivational group chat with your friends and I mean friends with the same vision as you –friends who are focused and who you can rely on during difficult times.


3). Take time out for yourself: One of the ways to stay motivated is taking time out. It is easy to get caught up with responsibilities at university and forget ourselves- forget our personal development. Schedule time to take care of ‘you’. You are important. Take time out to treat yourself, it might be daily or bi-weekly. Use this time to reflect and re-strategize, to evaluate your week and what you can improve on. This helps with providing clarity about life which is important. Ask yourself questions- How am I doing? How has my progress in this particular course been? What do I need to work on? What area of my life is lacking?? What is my purpose? What do I hope to achieve after my degree?

These are tough questions but they ought to be asked as this stage of your life. Clarity provides you with the space for you to take the necessary steps your dream requires.



4). Get acquainted with motivational resources: The truth is that the buck stops with you. To stay motivated, you have to be willing to go the extra mile. And today, do you really need to go the extra mile with social media at our finger tips. Personally, my Instagram feed alone is so inspiring. When I get up each morning and scroll through my Motty Inspires feed, I’m motivated to do better, to work harder. One might argue social media is an avenue for distraction and comparison, but it depends on what kind of people you choose to entertain. I choose to entertain people who inspire and motivate me to become a better me. The ‘unfollow’ button is always there and available to use when you receive negative vibes on your social media platforms.

Read self-help blogs. I read my own blog posts as well as other motivational websites. Listen to podcasts. Acquaint yourself with everything personal development, that is the only way to grow each day.



5.) Move with the right kind of people: At university, you meet all kinds of people…The right kind of people will be your biggest blessing and on the other hand, the wrong ones (let’s not go there…) You have a choice to associate with people who impact you positively or who influence you negatively. It is a choice you make and it is made from day one.

Besides, you attract what you are. If you are focused and hard-working, you will attract such people in your life and they will motivate you each day to excel at university. Jim Rohn said “you are the sum of the five people you hang about with.” What kind of people do you move with? Do they inspire you?


Image Credit: Unsplash Creatives

I hope these five tips will help you stay grounded through your university years and even as your journey into different seasons of your life.


What was your favourite tip? How do you stay motivated each day? Dropping a comment below would be lovely! Also, follow me on Twitter and Instagram for daily life hacks and words of inspiration!!!

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