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Today’s  post is by Entrepreneur, Youth Motivational Speaker and Founder of Wisdom and Knowledge Ltd -Daniel Oderinde. This is his second guest post on my blog and it is always a pleasure to collaborate with him and share his empowering content. To find more of his work as well as his social media links, keep reading!


Hello, hello, hi! It has been a while but I felt  urged to write another guest post and share with you some advice that I took on board and applied myself.

As the year begins again in education – for university, 6th form, college and high school, I think it is important that people start it with a productive outlook. Last year I began my first year of university and I saw myself study a course that I had never studied in my life – BA Sociology with Psychology.  excited as I was to start studying something that I would look to apply to both my life and my company (Wisdom & Knowledge Ltd.), I was also scared about how I would handle the workload, different terms and vocabulary, as well as the essays/exams. But in the midst of that stress and overthinking, one thing I have always been good at and  has pulled me through situations is  – discipline and time management.

See for me, just getting into university was an accomplishment for my family and I. I didn’t want to let my  parents down, so my attitude for my first year was to attend  every lecture, seminar and complete every project and essay as if I was in my final year – leaving no stone unturned. This meant that I had to be extremely critical about what I was doing with my time, where I was and what I would do to get the best out of myself. I learned early on that many people don’t fall short or fail at things in life because they are not good enough, they do so because they don’t plan well enough; they don’t prepare nor do they take accountability for what must be done, and it is important that you reading this do not fall into the “failure’s cycle”.


To me, it is the ability to give up what you want now for what you want later in life, the ability to sacrifice who you are for what you will become, and the mind-set that practise comes before pleasure. In the past year I have learned that many people especially at university struggle with being disciplined. They are easily distracted, easily amused, and therefore easily fall into making excuses, all of which affects their performance.

Being disciplined helped me put into consideration at ALL TIMES what was most important for me – I was a student that studied full time obviously, trained full time, had a part time job and was also working on my own company in and amongst everything, but I believe the reason I finished my first year of uni with one 2:2, two 2:1’s and two Firsts was because through the busy lifestyle I was living I was also able to be disciplined and give each aspect of my life its deserved focus/concentration. Whatever level of education you may be starting, make sure that you are disciplined to the things that REALLY matter most – partying, socialising and playing around are things that will never go away, but if you miss the window of an essay or chance to work on your purpose you may never get that again.

Time Management

In my opinion, this is being conscious of where you are and what you are doing. As well as being disciplined, I found that time management played such an important role in me never falling behind with my studies or my pursuit of training and everything else. I remember planning for my warm weather training  around the Easter period. I had 2-3 essays that were set a few weeks before the due date (the due date being the time I would be away training) and I was thinking to myself what am I going to do. I obviously don’t want to be thinking about essays when I’ve just finished a difficult track & gym day?! So I made it a priority through time management, to get my essays, readings and all things else done in a matter of days if not a week before I flew out to give me peace of mind both academically and athletically.

Being able to be disciplined and have control about what you do with your time will just make for a smoother journey in whatever you may be pursuing. The people who tend to fall are those who leave things last minute – with no leeway to make sure everything is okay. But like I posted some time ago on Motty Inspires  – “Planning ahead of time allows you to leave room for mistakes and still gives you the leeway to get over them.”


I hope this blog post was effective and helpful in giving you some positive advice to start your new semester! ☺


 Daniel Oderinde

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