Happy New Year beautiful people!!!

We made it to 2018!

It’s a fresh slate for you to get your amazing goals written down and get moving! My mantra this year is to ‘smash my goals and let God be glorified.’ In whatever I do, I want to give it my best. I want to smash it, I want to conquer it. I’ve already claimed that 2018 is my year! My year to live my best life!! What about you? What are your goals for this year? What do you hope to achieve? How do you hope to live life? Would love to know some of your thoughts so please leave them in the comment section.

So today, January the 3rd, I will be sharing 5 Ways to achieve your goals this year.

First things first. Make up your mind that 2018, you are ready to kill it. You are ready to possess everything that is yours. It starts with the ‘go-getter’ mindset. It starts with you believing in yourself and making up your mind not to settle but to fulfill every promise God has for you this year.


Here are 5 Ways You Can Achieve Your Goals in 2018

* Write down your goals with the intention of acting on them: I mentioned in one of my previous posts that this is the stage where a lot of people get carried away. It’s the New Year and people are writing New Year resolutions and it’s this ‘new year, new me’ mindset going on which is great but it’s one thing to dream and another thing to do.



Look at your goals for this year, have you written down the actions you are going to take to achieve them? Are you really serious about achieving those goals? Are you ready to put in the effort? Are you ready to work 10x harder? You have to be really want your goals…not just mere wishes. For example one of your academic goals this year might be to get nothing less than 2.1’s in all your modules. So you have to consider the sacrifices and the extra effort you need to make- maybe less nights out, more time revising your work and staying ahead of your deadlines, doing the recommended reading etc.



Friends don’t let 2018 just be another year where you write down all your BIG goals and you have only one or two ticked off at the end of the year. Let this year be different.

Preferably, put your goals where you can see them; maybe on a board on your room or on your screen saver- somewhere where you are constantly reminded of them. Each day you wake up, you are reminded that you want to achieve this financial goal or save X amount of money.

Another thing is…

*Be accountable: This is so important. Personally, I keep myself accountable. Every week, I have evaluation sessions where I evaluate my progress in every area of my life. How am I doing with my finances? Where can I improve on in this module? How can I be a better student? How can I build Motty Inspires better? Where did I go wrong yesterday? How can I improve this paper? How can I add more value?



Do regular self-checkups and if you are not this kind of person, get a good support system to hold you accountable. You are who you move with. Get people who are willing to see you grow and thrive this year and let them hold you accountable to your goals. Anytime you want to slack or fall back, they should be there to encourage you and pull you back up. 2018, no time for time-wasters, no time for people who are adding no value to your life, no time for toxic friendships. Everybody in your circle should be adding some sort of value/impact in your life.


*Believe in yourself: This sounds cliche, we hear over and over again because it is true and it works. If you don’t believe in you who will? The first step to you achieving any goal starts with the mind. It starts with you telling yourself I CAN, It is possible! It starts with self-belief. And the honest truth is that not everyone will be on your wagon, not everyone will support that idea of yours, not everyone will support you quitting your full time job to pursue your creative career path. Sometimes, you have got to be your own motivation, your own cheerleader and fan. As God hands you your bigger assignments, you have to trust that God has given you the assignment because you can handle it, you can overcome…and other people do not have to buy into the vision. The vision is not for everyone. It was given to you and it’s okay if it’s only you who believes in it.

So friends, if you can conquer the mind, you can conquer the world.



*Keep the hustle going: There will be times when you face challenges and disappointments like every other year. And one thing about a new year is that it carries its own uncertainties but your goal should be to do your best and leave the rest to God.

If you want to see results in your life this year, you will have to be consistent. Consistent even when the odds are high, even when you are not seeing the results you want, keep going. Rome was not built in a day. Success does not come overnight. It takes dedication and consistency  and you will have all your hard work and sacrifices pay off.

Be prepared to give 2018 your best. Be prepared not to settle.




*Celebrate your small accomplishments: I believe the key to a successful year is gratitude. Amidst all the hustle and the SMASHING your goals etc, take time to celebrate your small wins. This will motivate you to even do better. Don’t always be too hard on yourself. Remember you are a work in progress. Personally, I take everyday with the mindset of ‘How can I be a better person than I was yesterday?’ That is my goal each day- learn from yesterday’s mistakes and do better. So take time for self-care this year. Remember you matter. Your self-care is so important. Try as much as possible to eliminate any negative vibes from your life. Guard your heart from all toxicity especially with social media and the people you meet. You may looked at as ‘bougie’ or ‘stuffed up’ but 2018, it’s all about doing you and doing what makes you a better person.



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What are some of the goals you have this year? Did you find these tips useful? Would love to know your thoughts so please leave your responses in the comment section down below.


I’m excited for what 2018 has to offer this brand. My goal is to put out more quality self-help content on the blog and my social media pages, to have amazing collaborations with other successful millennials and to build a community of driven young people who are ready to take their lives to the next level. So be sure to stick around, read some of my previous blog posts and follow the Motty Inspires Instagram and Twitter Page.


Happy New Year once again and cheers to a phenomenal 2018!


Motty xo