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Today is the last post of the University series and I will be sharing 5 Tips on How You Can Manage Your Time Effectively While At University.

University is a vibrant environment, there is always something going on whether it is societies holding events or charity activities, jobs, parties, academic commitments. There is so much one can fill their time up with on campus and thus, it often presents a challenge for many where we struggle to spend and balance our time wisely and this brings to me my first point of…

#1: Staying organized: With so many opportunities for one to take on at university, it is important you as an individual keep abreast of all your responsibilities. I would suggest getting a planner where you can record your to-do lists, upcoming deadlines for assignments, exams and where you stay on top of your commitments. Writing your to-do lists is very important. Most people think they can remember all their tasks at the tip of their fingertips but it has a limit and you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you are confusing deadlines or muddling up appointments so the best way to avoid that time wastage is to be organized. Write down exactly what you have to do and when it is due.



Another important point to add is to check your planner or schedule often. It is one thing to write all your commitments down but if you aren’t checking daily to remind yourself of what you need to do, then it defeats the purpose. This is also something I struggled with- I was writing tasks down in my planner but forgetting to open it up daily and check what I had to do.

So make it a point of duty each day preferably in the mornings, to go through your weekly schedule so you are subconsciously aware of your responsibilities and hence, you know how to divide your time appropriately.


#2: Set Reminders: This is so important and is linked to my first point. We all have a tendency to forget things at different points in our life. Our brain is constantly bombarded by so many thoughts each day and that is why reminders are vital. I would suggest having these on your phone because your phone is something you have on you constantly so setting daily reminders will help keep you aware of what you have to do and also keep you in check that you are doing the most important or imminent deadlines first which leads up to my third point…


#3: Know your priorities: This point cannot be overemphasized. Spending your time on unimportant things is a solid time waster and I also wrote a post on this a few weeks back on How To Stay Productive Each Day; I started the post by letting my readers know there is a difference between ‘being busy and being productive.’ It is possible to just ‘be busy’ and you will be thinking you are doing great, your time is occupied but, think to yourself ‘Are any of the things you are doing adding some sort of value to your life?’ This is a question we should ask ourselves regularly even when working on assignments or projects or even studying; are we learning? Do we understand what is being said?

So, it is important that at university and even in life you know your priorities.

Organise your to do lists from most important to least important and then complete each task accordingly. This way, you are making sure each time you have is spent effectively.


#4: Be careful of how much time you dedicate to entertainment: To an extent, we can all identify with this. Think about the hours you dedicate to Netflix n’ Chill or watching movie after movie etc. Time is going. The minutes are passing and do not be wondering where all the time went when you have to sit exams at the end of the semester.

All of us have been allocated 24hrs, but we as individuals have a choice on how we spend the 24hrs. You have got to be wise to know when to give yourself time to unwind but at the same time when to know when it is beginning to influence your work and progress. Check yourself regularly and that is why I emphasize ‘me-time’ quite often. It is a time for you to evaluate yourself and your progress- how well you are doing in different areas of your life.

The thing is that while you are in university, you are technically on your own. You are very much independent. It’s not like high-school where you have teachers and guardians allocating how you should spend your day and telling you what to do. At university, the gear is switched. You decide how you will spend your time. You decided to go to lectures or not. You decide to sit down and get some work done. You make that choice and always remember that the choices you are making now will impact your life five, ten years from now.

Your future self, that person you aspire to be years from now… is relying on the decisions you make today.

Think carefully!


#5: Lastly…make good use of the weekends: The week is often times busy and all jammed up and the only time you really have to get some work done with fewer distractions is during the weekends. Use them wisely but then again it depends on what your timetable is like.

Personally, I get my work done during the weekdays and during my free periods, I will work on assignments and do some study. Thus, I am able to rest during the weekends.

You know your timetable. Do what works for you.

My point is, make good use of your free time. Do not let it go to waste. Use it to catch up on lectures, or see a tutor or starting working on your coursework or better still spend some time on your personal development. There are so many resources online- motivational blogs, podcasts, and educative documentaries. Educate yourself with these. Every day is another learning experience…


BONUS Tip:  Don’t overwork yourself. You know your limit. So take time to take care of you because you are important. Eat healthily, sleep well, and then get to work!!!


How do you manage your time effectively? What tip do you love the most? I would love to know, so if you can drop a comment below that would be great!! For more inspirational content, follow Motty Inspires on Twitter and Instagram.


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