Hello everyone!

December is here and 2016 is winding down so fast. It’s the last month of the year and a lot is going on. Its finals season for some of my college friends and for some the holiday season has begun. However it’s the last lap of this year and we want to make it as productive and rewarding as possible.

There are just a few more weeks to finish up on all the goals you had for this year and start planning the forthcoming year. Planning and preparation for 2017 should begin now and not when you enter into the year. Preparation is so important and it helps avoid falling into pitfalls. We all have different goals and dreams, I am very optimistic about 2017 with not only regards to a better me but also with Motty Inspires. I have some key projects I would like to start and I am going to do a post soon on my short term goals for Motty Inspires.

This year has been a life-changing one, I’ve gone through experiences that have moulded me and taught me lessons. Starting Motty Inspires in January has been an amazing journey, I’ve got the opportunity to interact with successful bloggers in the self-development niche and this all has prepared for this coming year’s journey. We need each other and it’s important to always ask for help, reach out to influencers in your niche, that’s the only way you can grow.

Whatever your goals might be, put pen to paper and write them down. Don’t just think of them, but physically write them down. It’s part of the process and also outline the actions you’re going to take in order to achieve those goals. So many had goals when this year started, in fact everyone has goals. But very few materialise it. Why? They prepared for it, they were diligent and determined enough to make that dream work. So many young people have ambitions but how many actually fulfil them. It takes the hustle and grinding, sometimes all night to make your dreams become a reality. There is no such thing as overnight success. No easy way out. Success is not for the people who want the easy way out i.e. the lazy folks. It’s for the hustlers, those who are ready to pour work, blood and sweat to get to where they were destined to.

Many of us are falling short of our purpose i.e. living below our potential, settling for less than greatness. Why? The world is your oyster; we create the lives we want. As humans, we’ve got the power. We were not created to be ordinary. We are on earth for a mission and everyday I ask God, reveal to me my purpose. What is a life without a vision? We’ve got one month to make 2016 a successful and rewarding year. What are you doing about it or are you waiting for January the 1st. Why not start now. What is stopping you; fear, procrastination, distractions. Keep your eyes fixed on your goals.

Do something. Live each day as if it were your last. Spend this month productively. It’s the holiday yes, with family and friends which is great but have you scheduled time to actually develop yourself, it might be reading self-development books, attending seminars or conferences in your niche, meeting a potential sponsor or doing some collaborations. Do whatever your dream requires and start now. Don’t wait, how do you know if there will be a tomorrow. How do I know? I walk by Faith and that faith you have, why don’t you channel that same faith towards your goals. Take the first step.

Whatever you set your hands to this month, do it well. Put all your heart, give it your all. It might be in an exam or a project or even a business idea. Give it your all!

Motty xo