We all have an intuition. A simple Wikipedia definition of intuition is “the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.

There is that inner voice that speaks to all of us. We can either channel it to be our fuel or let it break us. You see ‘what you tell yourself is what you are.’ You have a choice every morning to look that person in the mirror and tell that person ‘you are destined for greatness,’ ‘you will not be a statistic, you are a champion’ or you can tell that person ‘she is fat or he is going nowhere or she’s a failure…The words you tell yourself have a profound effect on who you will be years from now. The wise Solomon once said, “death and life lie in the power of the tongue.”-

The Power of the mind

We as individuals have been endowed with a powerful tool and that is the human mind. Greatness begins in the mind. Every successful idea/product/service started with a thought and then you had individuals who channelled that thought, who listened to their intuition, who listened to their purpose calling… and worked hard to produce products/services that have helped mankind.

Now, on the journey to success, you will face so many mind battles and I write from very experience. The journey to success, however, you define success requires you stepping outside your comfort zone and taking big leaps of faith. And when you are taking these steps, you will have voices in your head telling you ‘you can’t make it’, you’re not good enough.’ ‘No one wants what you have to offer.’ ‘No one likes you’ It is called negative self-talk and they are destined to make sure you do not reach your goal. And that is why it is important to believe in yourself because this negative self-talk brings self-doubt, it sets limitations, and it lowers your morale. You see if you really believe in yourself, there is absolutely nothing you can’t achieve. It’s when you are not sure about yourself, that negativity begins to take a toll on your life. That is when you begin to care what so and so thinks about you or what XYZ has to say about that project you are working on.

It is important that we as millennials are careful of who we have around us. Look around you. What kind of people do you have around you? Are they for you? Are they people willing to support that side-hustle you want to start or that business idea you have? Do they inspire and motivate you? If your answers are NO, then I guess you need some new friends because the individuals you have around you, the company you keep play a role in the negative self-talk game. You find out they pull you down. You go back home unhappy and unmotivated to accomplish that goal you have in mind.

Life is short. Every day requires new strength, new motivation and if you aren’t waking up with purpose and determination each day, that is not life! Yes, there will be times when you face challenges and have little motivation or times you are anxious and overwhelmed with certain things in your life, that is when you have people, true friends who stand in the gap and lift you up during that time.

Friends, negative self-talk is real and none of us is immune but through this platform, you will gain the adequate knowledge that will make you more conscious of what you tell yourself and how you see yourself.

Your intuition counts. Listen to your intuition- that inner voice that tells you, it is possible, that inner voice that gives you that drive to set BIG goals and be consistent even when you do not feel like it.

So if you are wondering…’How do I deal with negative self-talk’? Here are three ways:

Have a vision board: It is important that you remember that your vision board does not do the work. It is not responsible for the late nights and early mornings… you are! People often mistake this idea of having a vision board and how it leads to success. Your vision board is there to remind you of your goals; it is to remind you of the amazing future that lies ahead of you. So, when you look at it every morning or evening, it gives you the motivation to work hard and be consistent in order to achieve the goals you have put on there. Get pictures online or from magazines. Frame them. Hang them where you can see them each day. Let them propel you to work harder!! Do not be afraid to dream big. But, be prepared to put in the work, be prepared to hang in there against all odds. Here is a great example of a vision board I found from Stacia Pierce- Success Coach, Business woman, and Best- Selling Author.

Affirmations: Like I mentioned earlier in the post, ‘you are what you tell yourself.’ Try and incorporate affirmations into your morning routine. It could before or after your brush your teeth. Look that person in the mirror and speak life, health and wealth. If you carry out this consistently, you begin to think better of yourself and you will see the results. Say it LOUD! Speak over your day; I am highly favoured, I will excel, I am blessed, I am beautiful…Radiate positivity and that is what you will see in your life. Here is another great example of Stacia Pierce’s amazing Success Wall!!


Surround yourself with people who inspire & motivate you: This can’t be overemphasised. Jim Rohn said ‘you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’ It is so true. The company you keep will have a profound effect on your life, they will either propel you to fulfil your purpose or hinder your growth. Choose your destiny, and then choose your friends. Move with people who are genuinely happy for you and for your accomplishments.


Ultimately, it depends on you. You have got to believe in yourself and awaken that champion inside of you.


Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I appreciate it so much and I hope this post is a blessing to you. If you have anything you would like to add on dealing with negative self-talk, don’t hesitate to leave a comment, it might be of help to someone. Also, follow me on Twitter and Instagram for daily life hacks and words of inspiration! At the meantime, stick around and check out my previous posts!!


Motty xo