Hello guys!

It’s September, and that means back to school for a lot of young people; back to university or college. I’m off to university in a couple of weeks and I felt I had to dedicate this week’s post to you all out there who have started school or are starting school. To those who are back to work after the summer holidays, here are a few tips.

Well, my main advice would be to Put God first, we’ve had the whole summer with family and friends who’ve counseled us, we’ve had time to reflect and meditate on our lives, evaluate ourselves and find out where we need to step up our game. What I’ve learnt most importantly from all these experiences is to trust God. In life, we’ve had our fair share of challenges as well as successes but all in all we find out it was worth it trusting God. Sometimes the burdens we bear as young people are too much to carry on our own, we need to cast them over and the best person is God, not even your best friend because they’ll disappoint you. But you have God, who is a Faithful friend; I’ve seen His faithfulness time and time again. So this semester, why don’t you start with God? If you do, you will never regret it.

Another thing I’d like to mention is the importance of realizing your purpose at that time. You’re in school/uni/that career for a purpose. You may not realize it now but by and by you’ll find out it was instrumental to your success in life. Don’t defeat that purpose for some distraction or the other. First things first. Don’t play your time away with some distraction or the other, do what you have to do i.e. a project, an assignment, research, marketing etc. Avoid putting off things you can do today. It’s a lesson I’m learning each day. You may be reading this saying “well, school is not my purpose, or I don’t find my day job fulfilling.” Well, my dear friend success is not a destination but a journey. You need all these experiences like education, work experience to land you in your purpose. It’s a process so treasure every experience; keep your eyes fixed on your end goal.

Also, as young people we struggle with believing in ourselves. It’s got to stop because that may just be the hindrance to your next breakthrough. Always keep at the back of your mind that you are capable of achieving your dreams. You are everything it takes to succeed. Avoid self- limiting beliefs and surround yourself with people who love you and want the very best for you. Be that friend to someone else. Be that inspiration that fills the gap. Be the light in this dark world.

Always remember to be confident, don’t be afraid to ask questions (I’m so guilty of this and I’m learning this as I enter new chapters in my life 😉 Let people around you know you for your integrity and honesty; values money can’t buy. Don’t compromise your standards for NOBODY, they’re not worth it. Be happy being you and learn to love ‘you’ with all your flaws.

Remember you’ve got the haters behind wanting to pull you back, don’t give them a reason to smile. The best way to keep them quiet is by trophies of success,

Lastly, go and excel! Go be great! Go climb mountains! Go thrive! Go and SLAY, show them who you are. Put your all into everything and don’t forget PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!


Love you all! Good luck!


Motty xo