A word that nobody likes to see, hear or feel, yet is something that EVERYBODY MUST go through and experience.

You see for me, when I was younger and less educated to life’s lessons, like many others I would see failure as a horrendous thing. Something that means I’ll never be great, no achieve the goals I had in mind, and I would sometimes see my failure (first attempt) as my final chance at even trying. But there’s hope. A thing I’ve learnt through listening to others whether that may be teachers, coaches, my Mum and even speakers was that failure is merely a stepping stone. It’s a place where some people see as a final resort, but it’s also a place where other people see as a platform to set themselves up again. I posted a tweet through my company Wisdom&Knowledge earlier in the week saying “Sometimes things flare up to stop you from being complacent. #StayHungry”. Failure can sometimes be seen as a wake-up call to remind you to STAY WOKE, STAY ALERT, and DON’T GET COMPLACENT. We’ve seen numerous examples of sporting greats who failed and loses once upon a time but, was resilient in their failure and triumphed times after.

Me, myself, I advise that we see failure as a ‘pit stop’. A place that isn’t negative, the be-all-and-end-all, or hell on earth, but instead a place where we assess what we are doing as individuals. I remember a saying I made up when I was young was “he who fails and learns from his mistakes is smarter than he who has never failed”, and some of you may read this and think how or why? But the reason I said this was because he who failed and learnt from his mistakes now knows what NOT to do again, whereas he who has never failed will never know what not to do – it’s a matter of experience and learning!

In recent times, as I’m writing this it’s funny because memories of “failures” are coming back to mind, I remember my coach told me when I experienced an injury under him (one of many injuries I’ve experienced), that Daniel “all we have to do is see this hiccup (failure) as the salsa dance; we take 2 steps back in order to take 3 steps forward”. And what I learnt from that was that sometimes the life that you dream or have in your head won’t go that exact way, and when life does upset you, in order to get through you will need to shift your perspective on the things you can do and understand that just like anything, good or bad – what you’re going through is temporary, and when you can learn to see your setback (failure) as a set up for a comeback, you will be back better than how you were before!

So my advice to young people, old people, and people from all walks of life is to understand that failure is merely part of the process. It keeps us from being complacent and helps us realise what areas of our life/career we must still work on in order to advance forward. Change your perspective and then embrace the wonderful thing called failure!

*Disclaimer* – I am not saying we should be comfortable with failure or stay there at any costs, we must just accept it!



 My name is Daniel Oderinde and I’d say I’m a man of many traits. I’m a full-time student studying for a Sociology w/ Psychology degree, an up & coming aspiring athlete, and I’m also a young entrepreneur and motivational speaker. At the age of 16 I started with a vision which later turned into a company called Wisdom&Knowledge, which specialises in personal and career development, and looks to empower people from all walks of life but more importantly the upcoming generation. To assist them in being productive chasers of their dreams and break the habit of ‘blaming’ or ‘waiting’ for someone to achieve their dreams for them.

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