Many millennials are starting side hustles these days and now it’s two, three side hustles whether it’s a part time job, YouTube channel, blog, selling a product or offering a service. Our generation are very ambitious and entrepreneurial. But amidst this, there are times when we struggle with self doubt either before we take that leap of faith to start the side hustle or consistency on the journey itself. Sometimes it’s hard… Sometimes it’s hard to put the next step forward. But I’m here to serve as an inspiration and encouragement to help deal with the self-doubt so many of… View Post

Now you might be wondering…Is this really possible? Can I stay positive each day of my life? One thing to note is that being positive each day does not exempt you from facing challenges or obstacles. It doesn’t exclude the ‘bad’ days instead it gives you the courage and the right frame of mind to face it with the right attitude. Positivity is a choice. ‘I choose to be happy’. ‘I choose to entertain good and empowering vibes only.’ ‘I choose to refrain from anything toxic or negative’ Positivity involves you making a conscious effort daily to think right.. The… View Post

Happy New Year beautiful people!!! We made it to 2018! It’s a fresh slate for you to get your amazing goals written down and get moving! My mantra this year is to ‘smash my goals and let God be glorified.’ In whatever I do, I want to give it my best. I want to smash it, I want to conquer it. I’ve already claimed that 2018 is my year! My year to live my best life!! What about you? What are your goals for this year? What do you hope to achieve? How do you hope to live life? Would… View Post

Happy Holidays!!! This is the last full week of this year and I felt it was important to do a Year Review and share some lessons I learned this year. Initially, I was supposed to do a chit chat audio post, but I decided that a full in depth post would be best… Personally, 2017 has been a huge step outside my comfort zone. I encountered experiences which forced me to grow and mature; all of which I am grateful for. I know this post might be all over the place, because there are experiences too personal to share and… View Post

And it’s holiday time… Spending time with family and loved ones… Good food, good vibes. I’m up for it. But it’s important that in the midst of the fan fair, that each day is spent with purpose. Life was meant to be lived with intention and meaning. So this week, I’ll be sharing three ways you can stay productive during the holiday period. 2018 is creeping by pretty fast and it’s important to stay ahead and on top of your goals for the upcoming year.   3 Ways To Stay Productive During the Holidays   #1: Plan out your day:… View Post