Short and sharp. ‘The ABC to Student Success’ is a go-to book for young people. Hayley weaves self-help with psychology and life lessons to produce a masterpiece where youths can learn, be encouraged and inspired to follow their dreams. 161 pages where you can realize your worth, realize you are not here to just be mediocre. You were born to do great things. What I love about the book is that Hayley interweaves her story throughout and I think that is very important because readers always want to connect with the author. They want to see examples… they want to know that they aren’t the only one going through that particular problem, that since you overcame, there is hope for them.

Throughout the book, Hayley drops essential keys at the end of each alphabet that you need to live out your purpose and achieve success in every area of your life. Success doesn’t always mean wealth; the nice cars, houses, and luxurious items are just the accouchements of success. For you, success might mean getting into chosen university, graduating with a first, getting a high paid job at a good investment firm, doing what you love every day etc. We all have our different meanings of success but a central theme is living out your purpose- fulfilling your calling on earth,

So many young people ask the question ‘How do I know my purpose?’ You’re young, full of life, full of ambition, wondering if you are valuable or if your presence on earth is meaningful. It is normal. I went through it, Hayley went through it. She shares some of the keys that helped her cope with mental health after suffering a breakdown in university. A teenager plagued with depression and was on the verge of committing suicide. We read stories like these from time to time but forget depression is a disease plaguing so many young people today and you reading this might be suffering from it. According to the Young People Statistics, “more than half of all adults with mental health problems were diagnosed in childhood and today, nearly 80,000 children and young people suffer from depression.” Today, Hayley Mulenda is a 19-year-old International Motivational Speaker, an entrepreneur (Founder of ‘Inside a Dream’), a strong advocate of mental health and creating awareness of mental illnesses. A product of grace. A living example that there is hope for every young girl or boy out there. There is hope! You have not gone too far, there is still a second chance; your BIG dreams can still come true. Do not let your background, circumstances, past, disappointments limit you, don’t let them hinder you instead let it be your fuel to success. Let it inspire you every day to become a better you. If you wish to purchase the book, you can do so right here!


My Initial Reaction to the Book

‘Short and straight to the point. For all the young people who find difficulty finishing a book, here’s a different approach – using the letters of the alphabet to teach you the principles of success. So if you fall into this category or just wanting a self-help book for millennials by millennials, I would totally recommend this book.


My 5 Favorite Quotations from the book

 Every building in the world starts from the ground floor.”- Such a powerful quote used in the first chapter in the book to encourage young people to treasure their humble beginnings, to embrace their journey, to accept their current situation and have faith knowing something beautiful lies ahead of you. Rome was not built in a day. I tell myself this every day especially when I try to compare my beginnings with someone else’s ‘middle.’ It is a process and all we can do as humans is trust and have faith.

You lose nothing counting your blessings.”- As young people, It is easy for us to look at our lives and the problems we have, the mistakes we’ve made, the challenge we are currently facing and basically just give up on life- living everyday unfulfilled with no drive or purpose. That is not how life is meant to be lived. Life is meant to be lived with purpose and passion especially during one’s youth. There is so much to be grateful for…look around you. Someone is wishing they had what you had so take time today and count your blessings. So much more beautiful sayings my Hayley in the chapter called ‘Blessings.’

Confidence means knowing you are special and feeding it off so you are able to grow through life.”- I love this quote so much. There is a difference between confidence and cockiness. Confidence is knowing who you are, knowing your worth and not settling for less, loving who you are with all your flaws and mishaps. It is making a choice every day to see the best in you even when you do not feel like it or even when your current situation does not portray it.

The fact that you’re seeing today at all shows that you still have purpose in life.”- I pondered on this quote for a while and found it to be so true. The fact that I’m alive today shows I still got work to do. God has given me another day for a purpose- not to laze around and procrastinate but to give it my all, to put my best foot forward and show the world my true potential. So to anyone reading, you are worthy. You are enough. The world needs you. You have a choice to shine each day or dim your light.

Run a race to win and not to quit.”- Success is a journey and not a destination. It is about perseverance. There will be bad days and there will be lot of good days trust me! We are called to win and not to quit. It’s not how fast you run this race; it is how well you run. It is about endurance, it is about discipline- the different life lessons you learn that shape you into the man or woman you were meant to be. Sometimes this journey is not easy, there are lots of questions to be answered but all we can do is trust…believe…you might ask for how long? Until you see the manifestation…keep trusting. You have an amazing future ahead; don’t kill it because of one failure or disappointment. Keep your eyes on your goal.


There are so many more powerful quotes and words of inspiration in this book. This is just the surface so if you would like to read more, you can purchase the book here at a reasonable price. It is so worth it. There is nothing like investing in yourself. You want to see yourself grow. Invest.

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