24 hours has been allocated to man, have you thought about how you spend it. Are you using your time wisely or instead dilly-dallying and procrastinating one day after the other? Each day is your chance and my chance to be great; to show who we are made of, to demonstrate to the world we can accomplish anything we set our mind to. How do you take each day? How do you handle the work-load, the pressure, the stress? Do we find more effective ways to multi-task so we can get work done or do we just leave things to take care of itself, put off the work till tomorrow and ignore the deadlines?

The inspiration for this week came to me when I listened to one of Les Brown motivational videos and he was emphasizing the fact that so many people carry their ideas and dreams to the grave with them. Startling but if you think about it, it’s so true! You’ll find the main reason for this is due to the way we manage our time. We have to ask ourselves these questions. I ask myself daily and I always make sure that everything I do each day for instance reading, listening to a lecture, and watching a TED Talk, I constantly ask myself, how is this going to benefit me? How is this going to push me closer to my goals? When you think like this, you tend to spend your time productively, each time you’re doing a self-check to make sure every minute is spent efficiently.

At every point in time, you should be doing something that would benefit your life and draw you closer to your goals. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get rest and loosen up, hang out, go out with friends…we all need this down time. It’s necessary for a successful life. One needs their minds well rested, brains sharp and ready to face the day. But my point and my focus this week is on using your time productively and letting go of the enemy called procrastination. So many A* grades would have been achieved if people sacrificed that little time to finishing that project, or doing that extensive research or assigned reading. These little things believe it or not are what make the difference. There’s a quote that says ‘if you can’t do the little things right, you’ll never be able to do the big things right.’ Just paying more attention in lectures could be the difference between a First and a 2:1; the little things matter.

You don’t have to start big each day; you can start by waking up early and starting your morning routine be it praying, meditating, reading, exercise; whatever it is that will put you in the right frame of mind. If you start this way, your whole day begins to follow in this pattern. Do things that will pull you towards your goals. Everyone has dreams, everyone wants to be successful but not everyone wants to pay the price; to work those extra hours, to put off Netflix-ing all day every day to study, to forsake that party to attend a seminar or conference or just read. That’s the difference between the 99% average and the 1% super successful. The 1% are willing to do what the average man is not willing to do. It’s not always easy, certainly not! But, nothing worth having in life is easy. It’s all about discipline and when you begin to exercise self-control time and time again, you develop that extraordinary discipline that puts you in a different level from the mediocre.

At this time of our lives, we’ve got so many distractions and it’s overwhelming sometimes and the only way to thrive during your youth is through discipline and balance; knowing the right thing to do and when. Often times it’s easy to get carried away with all the hullaballoo going on and in doing so, forget your purpose i.e. why you are here on earth? We have got a mission and every day you and I should be drawing closer to that target.

Start today guys. Don’t put off things you can do today. Prioritize. Use your time wisely. Focus. Work hard. Put in the effort. Treat yourself when you hit your targets and don’t forget to take a break and relax. You need it.


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Motty xo