Hello there!

I’m Omotunde Esther Sotuminu and go by the nickname of Motty hence the name of this brand. I am a Nigerian undergraduate Law and French student in the UK. I am a lover of all things personal development and it has been a goal of mine to have a platform where I can provide quality self-help content intertwined with my personal experiences to reach some young person out there.



I am a product of grace. I am a product of determination. I am a product of hope. My journey has not been easy. And I’m here to spread positive content to give young people the hope and encouragement they need to know that no matter what mistakes you’ve made, where you come from, who you are, YOU CAN MAKE IT!


I’m here to spread self-love, self-worth, self-help and help you become the truest expression of yourself.




Motty Inspires is an online personal development platform dedicated to producing self-help content to inspire, motivate and empower young people ages 18-24 to achieve their goals and become the best version of themselves.


Hence, expect to see content with regards to self help, success, achieving your goals, productivity, university tips etc.


I believe in our generation. I believe in a generation of young people who know their place, who are ready to break barriers, pull down limits, confront stereotypes and fulfill their God given purpose.


I am excited to see you join this community. To stay in touch, make sure you follow the Motty Inspires Instagram and Twitter Page for daily inspiration. Also feel free to email me with your questions, share your experiences, goals and I will be willing to work and support you.


Motty xo