Hello everyone!
To my college friends out there, exams are fast approaching. The year is rounding up pretty soon. I’ve started my revision and I felt it would be helpful to share some useful tips on how to prepare for the end of semester exams. This is what works for me; people are different so do what works for you!


  • Tip #1: Study in small bits every day: This has been so helpful because in this way you’re not under pressure. You’re doing a little bit of revision every day and this is so important so you don’t forget what was said in class and so you have time to ask questions you’re unsure of. Always schedule time each day to review your work especially the modules you might be struggling in. So when exams come, you’re confident that you know the stuff, you’ve prepared, you’ve put in the work and you will reap the results. Remember it’s what you put in, you get out.


  • Tip #2: Attend your lectures AND tutorials: As the semester is rounding up, essay deadlines springing up, don’t use this time to sit at home and believe you’ll catch up when it’s posted online or you’ll borrow notes. This is even the time you should attend classes not stay away. This is usually the time when your lecturers give hints, sometimes they hold revision sessions where you can ask questions, participate, get feedback and information you’ll need to know for the exam day. Don’t miss out!


  • Tip #3: Pay attention in lectures and tutorials: I know this sound so cliché. But it can’t be overemphasised. Over the course of this semester, I’ve seen the benefits of actually listening to what the lecturer has to say instead of scribbling notes all the time. There are always things said that will be useful in your exams, they could give out hints, books you should get, chapters you should read, things you won’t get by missing lectures.


  • Tip #4: Take good notes: Note-taking is an essential skill you need in college. It might sound easy, but it’s important to take good notes that are easy to read and understand, it may include mnemonics, diagrams, and mind-maps, anything that will aid in you remembering the information. You don’t need to take down everything the professor says just the main points, examples, useful links or books. You have limited time to write, between paying attention, participating and asking questions etc.


  • Tip #5: Study groups are key: This can’t be overemphasised. We are always stronger and better off when we work together. No man knows it all. We need other people’s ideas, opinions, knowledge because we are all different and amidst all our differences, we can always learn from each other. Find the high achievers in your class and schedule study sessions perhaps during a free period or weekends. Ask questions, test each other’s knowledge; you’ll get to see how much you know and what you need to improve on.


  • Tip #6: Don’t panic: It’s so common and it’s normal. Exams make a lot of us cringe and get nervous but it all boils down to preparation. The more prepared you are, the more confident you will be. This has worked for me when I have to do debates or presentations; but when you put in the effort, do your all your task requires, research the dates, the facts etc. and make your own notes, ask yourselves questions. When you’ve done all this, you feel more confident and you’ll do well in the assessment or in this case, exams.


  • Tip #7: Take some time to rest: It’s just an exam. That’s the truth. The most important thing is that you’re learning and maturing but at the same time, we need exams to test our knowledge and so we can get good grades. It’s important not to over-stress yourself. Make sure you rest your body. Get yourself mentally and physically prepared. Eat healthy. Drink lots of water. Take regular breaks during your revision.


If you apply all these tips in a way that works best for you, it’ll be excellent results. There’s no secret formula. It’s simply putting in the effort and doing what you’re required to do even if it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable. Pay the price now guys, your reward is on the way. Good luck to all those preparing for exams. All the very best!


Leave any other useful tips in the comment section.


Motty xo