Happy New Year everyone! 2017 is here and it’s come pretty fast. I’m very optimistic about this year especially in regards to Moty Inspires. I’ll be sharing this year’s goals for Motty Inspires on our Instagram Page so make sure you’re following!

2017 presents us with another blank slate. 365 days to make a difference. Another opportunity to walk in your purpose, do better, be better, work harder and think straight. This is a year to hustle even harder, put in even more effort and to stay focused because like any year, 2017 will have its challenges, disappointments and if we aren’t focused, we won’t achieve the goals we have ourselves.

I’ll be sharing 7 ways to make 2017 your best year based on my reflections on the past year. These are important tips to consider as you embark on this journey.  New Year presents a new semester for all my high school/college friends out there. We saw the mistakes of the last year, we’ve reflected through them and now is another chance to learn from them and do better. Here are 7 practical ways to make 2017 your year.


  1. Believe in you: Every New Year leaves us uncertainty to some degree, only God knows what tomorrow holds but with faith we can press on. This year will have its challenges, through it all, you must believe in yourself. This year will present opportunities, breakthroughs, but you must believe in you. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will believe in you? So much is in store for you if you’re willing to summon courage and realise you’re more than capable to handle anything that comes your way. Whether it’s in your academics, spiritual life, finances, you must believe in you. Don’t limit yourself because of your background, experiences, colour, faith etc. Trust your struggles and have faith in yourself. You made it in 2016; you’re more than able in 2017.


  1. Be prepared: Success comes when preparation meets opportunity. You’ve probably got goals you want to achieve, resolutions you want to see work, grades you want to achieve, places you want to visit…those are all dreams if you’re not takin actions to achieve them. You’ve got to make preparations for any goal you have, you’ve got to be working hard and smart, doing all you can and when you remain persistent, your breakthrough will come. It’s only a matter of time. Success comes to those who are not ready to quit, those who don’t have that word in their dictionary. As young people, we encounter stumbling blocks often, but we’ve got to have the mind-set of persistence, focus and determination, that’s the only way we would get where we want to be and live our purpose. That’s the only way we’ll see change, we’ve got to be that change. Whatever you’re passionate about, fight for it, it could be education, politics, crime and injustice…don’t back out. There are so many opportunities for you to take hold of, don’t miss them because of fear. Hold fear in one hand and faith in another hand and jump….and GO DO IT!


  1. Trust the process. Quit worrying guys! 2017, no more worrying. Let’s learn to trust our struggles. Young people, spend these years being grateful for all the good times and the bad. Develop an attitude of gratitude, that’s one of the ways to becoming truly successful. Look at our favourite entrepreneurs, celebrities and successful figures, they share a habit of thanksgiving and when you’re thankful for what you have now and where you are, God will keep opening more doors of you! Everything is happening and has happened for a purpose, all for the greater good so this year, learn to smile during the trial.



  1. Manage your time wisely: One of the things young people struggle with today is procrastination. We have been allocated 24hrs yet we find it so hard to make good use of this time and do what we have to do and to be honest, everyone procrastinates to some extent, we all have to do it at some point in our lives especially when we have crazy deadlines and projects but a habit we must cultivate is prioritisation i.e. doing the most important things first. You need this in school/college, work, and virtually every area of your life. Time is a priceless gift given to man, we will never get yesterday back and so we must make full use of every second we got. Young people, pay attention to this point. It’s easy to get carried during these years with the fun fair going around, stay focused, manage your time well, and spend each day productively even if you’re on holiday. Allocate time for hanging out with friends or down time and allocate time also for yourself, for personal development. Read books, listen to podcasts that interest you, watch an educative programme, go to the gym, try out a new recipe, do something for someone. Each one of us should be adding value. We aren’t just here to go through life but to help and impact mankind with our different skills and abilities.


  1. Do You: It’s a statement I hear often but often times it’s much more difficult to practice. 2017 is no time for people-pleasing; instead it’s a time to do you. Do what makes you happy and what will make you a better person. In this life, you’re not going to make everyone happy, certainly not, and not everyone will like you. Get that into your head, that’s the world we live in. To an extent, one could call that selfish but in the long term, you live a happy life. People will have their opinions of you, haters gon’ hate but when they go low, we go high. Thanks Michelle!


  1. Do away with toxic relationships: Every association should be adding some sort of value. The company you keep influence the choices you’ll make which will then influence the outcome of your life. Choose your destiny then choose your friends. Your friends should be supporting your purpose in life not pulling you down with negativity and gossip. This year, seek out meaningful relationships that will help you be a better ‘you.’


  1. PRAYER: This is a personal tip and one that has worked and still works. Fight all your battles with prayer; it is the key to defeating every enemy. If in doubt or to learn more, I recommend the movie ‘War Room’ featuring Priscilla Shirer. It also led me to purchase her book ‘Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan to Serious, Specific & Strategic Prayer’ based on the lessons of the movie. You can easily purchase the book Young people, cultivate a habit of talking to God about every challenge and opportunity that comes your way. 2016 was an amazing year for me and the secret to that is prayer. It doesn’t need to be hours locked up even though that is good, but just a few minutes amongst our busy schedules will make a difference in your life. Try out the movie or read the book and let me know your thoughts in the comment section.


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Which of the tips are you going to implement in 2017. Let me know in the comment section. Wishing all my readers an amazing 2017 filled with purpose, love, joy and laughter. You’ve got to do your part starting now!


Happy New Year!


Moty xo