And just like that… We’re entering a new year in about 27 days! It’s amazing how this year has flown by. I recently put out a post on Instagram on the 1st of December; just reflecting where the Motty Inspires brand was as of last year and to see how we’ve grown into an awesome community. And this is just the beginning…

So this week, I’ll be sharing a few tips on how you can get yourself ready for the upcoming year. As uncertain as each New Year holds, the importance of preparation can’t be overemphasized. As the well-known saying goes “If you fail to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Hence, it is time to get ready. Get your planners, schedules, and calendars out!

Yes I know it’s approaching the holiday period but before you jump right into the *relaxation* mode, why not take in a few hacks to help you get ready for 2018!!

Also, stay tuned for the end of year post, I have an exciting audio chit-chat segment where I’ll be doing a year review and talking about some of the lessons 2017 has taught me. In the meantime, leave a comment sharing what lessons this year taught you. I want to hear your experiences and absolutely appreciate when you all take time to leave a comment.

So let’s jump right in.


  • Take time to rest and enjoy the holiday: It’s been a year. It has had its good and bad moments. It’s had it’s trying times…there has been a lot of work whether you are in university, run your own business or have your 9-5, it has been a year and your brain and the rest of your body needs time to relax. Before you jump into the uncertainties of 2018, take time to treat you – to celebrate your accomplishments of the year. Spend time with people you love and let them know how thankful you are for them.



  • Do a Year Review of 2017: I did this over the weekend- just sitting on my bed and reflecting over the year from January to December. I got teary-eyed and was extremely grateful to God for my journey. When you do this, you realise how far you’ve come and the progress you made. It gives so much room for gratitude and this is so important in life. Often times we get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, what we want to achieve, and the mantra of WAKE, PRAY. SLAY each day and it’s easy to forget to take time to reminiscence on the things you’re thankful for. So, I will also advise you to do the same. Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and do some reflecting. How has this year been for you? What were the good and bad moments? What do you hope to change or improve on in the coming year? Be clear, be vulnerable. It’s your time and if you would like to share some of these lessons, feel free to leave your thoughts on this year in the comment section.




  • Write down your goals for 2018: To be honest, this is the time where a lot of people get carried away. Now, I’m not saying don’t set BIG dreams for yourself. I have BIG dreams for this brand and they do scare me but at the same time, they motivate me to work harder. Set realistic goals for yourself. I would advise looking over some of the goals you didn’t achieve this year whether it’s personal goals, academic goals, business goals etc. Why not write down the action steps you are going to take to actually achieve them in the coming year. Take some time evaluate. Why weren’t you able to achieve it? What stopped you? Was it the fear of failure, or not knowing the perfect time to start or lack of finances. Write these things down and the provisions you are going to make to ensure that goal is achieved in the upcoming year. The key is to be realistic. There is no point writing down goals you wish for but are not willing to put in the work for. For every big goal, you write down, be prepared to put in 10x the amount of work you are currently putting in now. And that is good, it shows growth and every day, in particular, every new year is another opportunity to take one step further outside your comfort zone.



  • Get an accountability partner: This is so important especially after you’ve got those amazing goals written down. Get someone who will hold you accountable especially if you are not the kind of person who is intrinsically motivated. For example, if your goal is to grow your YouTube channel, get a support system who will remind you of this goal and will even be willing to go an extra mile to ensure you are putting high-quality content out, that you are promoting your videos etc. Or if your academic goal is to get more A’s in certain subjects, find a coach or a mentor or even a high achiever who will remind you of that goal when you want to be lazy and not do your assignments, who will keep track of your progress and be an extra source of motivation for you.



  • Be open to new possibilities: As you enter a new year, be open to it being your best year yet. Be open to trying new things, meeting new people, traveling and expanding your horizon. The truth is that we can’t really predict the future. Your job on earth is to give your best and trust that God will take care of the rest. But you’ve got to do your part. Put yourself at the forefront of opportunities and look for ways to grow as a person and live out the truest expression of yourself.


Hope these tips are useful and let me know in the comment section which tip you are going to implement going forward.


Wishing everyone a blessed end of year and Season’s Greetings!


Motty xo