Hey all!

The Olympics are always my favorite; every sport brings its own art of skill and talent. This year’s Games were an interesting one! With Usain Bolt taking the lead in the Athletics, Michael Phelps not relenting in the Swimming and of course the Final Five in the women’s gymnastics bringing to light the amazing Simone Biles. Watching all these has taught me a lot no doubt, I’ve seen champions on display and here are five lessons I took from this Olympics.

  1. Persistence is key in life: I cannot overemphasize the level of practice and hard-work all the athletes put into the games. They would have gone through sleepless nights, holidays away from family, hours and hours of practice for just one Game……and to do that it takes persistence. This is what we all need as we journey through life and have to sometimes go through unpleasant experiences. You’ve got to keep your eyes fixed on your goal. This is what keeps all of these athletes going…..even when the pressure to give up is high…..the taste of victory is so sweet, they can’t afford to relent for a single day not to mention quitting. That word isn’t in the dictionary of these guys and that should be the same for you. Keep pressing on even when the going gets tough. When you do fall, which you will…get back up, try harder. Someday, your reward will come. It will!


  1. Go for GOLD in every area of your life: As millennials, our ultimate goal in life should be to become the BEST i.e. spiritually, financially, academically, personally. Nothing short of the best! Do you think these athletes train so hard to get even bronze or even silver which is very good. But let’s be honest, every athlete comes to the Olympics wanting to get a gold medal, even though they might not get it….they keep on striving. They don’t relent, they have a goal. That’s how we as individuals should be. Don’t wait for opportunities to come your way, go and make them happen. Don’t sit down and wait for your breakthrough to come….go make it happen. Go make your dreams a reality. Aim for nothing short of that; don’t EVER settle for second best. Put your all into whatever you’re doing and the sky is not even the limit.


  1. Stay humble and Hustle harder: The truth is that there will always be someone better than you and who works thrice as hard as you. Hard-work is no respecter of person, if you apply the principle, you will reap the benefits. Never let your ‘win’ or your ‘success’ overtake you. Always remember that there are thousands of people behind…waiting to grab your title and your fame. We got the haters, the gainsayers, the doubters. Sadly enough, they always stick around so be mindful of them. Be aware that the only way to prove them wrong and shut them up is by constantly winning! This leads me to my fourth point……


  1. Ignore the haters and the critics: Haters are gon’ hate. Get that into your head. We saw it again in this Olympics; they tried it with Gabby Doughlas, an amazing gymnast. What do you with them? Leave them behind where they belong…they are behind for a reason. Don’t let their cruel remarks deter you from your goal. Keep your eyes on the bigger picture and keep shutting them up with more golds!




  1. Sometimes things don’t go the way we want: I noticed this quite often during the Games. You’ll see an athlete who has trained so hard for four years, poured his blood and sweat into mastering his game only to get disqualified for a false start. I found that to be so painful…..Another instance is when one comes expectant, ready to win only to find out…on the day when it counts you’re just not playing your best, you’re missing shots like crazy and you gave it your all. Why? That’s life. We can’t explain it but we accept it. It’s for us to get back on our feet and try again. These things happen to test us and bring out what’s really in us. Do we quit or do we try again?


What lessons did you take from the Rio Olympics? Let me know by emailing me or leaving me a message on Twitter


Motty xo.