Productivity is something we all strive for. Each new day presents new opportunities for us to achieve our goals and exceed our potential. It is important to point out that there is a difference between being productive and just being ‘busy.’ It is often difficult to strike that balance but in today’s post, I will be sharing the ways I stay productive each day. And just to let you know, I am not always productive all the time. Each day is a new challenge. But, generally, these are the ways I try and stay productive each day while trying to my balance my Law and French degree, my brand- Motty Inspires and life in general.

How To Stay Productive Each Day

  1. Get up early: This is an essential in life and it is not always easy. I start my day early (usually between 6-7:30 am) and get out the tasks I need to do. That way, I’m not rushing around in the morning. So the night before, I would usually pack my bags and prepare for the following day. Even if you don’t do this the night before, waking up early allows you to factor all these things. It allows you to factor out time for personal development- to pray/meditate, read a book, journal, exercise or for some, finish up on some assignments. Your personal growth matters.

Reading ‘The Miracle Morning: 8 Ways to Transform your life before 8 am’ by Hal Elrod was a life-changer!!! Struggling with becoming a morning person?? This book guides you step by step on what to do, from keeping your alarm away from your bed-stand so you can avoid snoozing your 5 am alarm. Sounds familiar? Hal gives a five-step snooze proof wake-up strategy (for all the snooze aholics) LOL! You can check out the book here for just £6.99!


But personally, the first way I start my day productively is by waking up early and giving myself time to prepare for a new day; to have some me-time, something we forget to do while being caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.

Take time out each morning to cater to ‘you’.


2. I’m clear on what I want to achieve: How do I stay clear? By writing to-do lists and reminders each day. These are simply lifesavers. You can write them in your planner or your phone, the most important thing is to get them written down. So for Monday, you can put down the tasks you need to do in the morning for example: check and respond to emails, do a 7 mins fitness routine, maybe schedule in a 20-minute study session before 9 am. It helps!! Most times, we think we can remember all our tasks at the top of our head…which is hard.

Be clear on what you to achieve for that day. Be specific. If you want to finish up a Biology assignment for example,  then write the topic of the assignment including the time you want to start and complete it. If possible, jot a few notes about the topic for example ‘do more research on Photosynthesis for example.’  And when you have these little details written out, they make your work easier and give you a greater incentive to actually do the work. Unlike when you have got nothing written down and it’s all complicated and muddled up in your head. What next? Procrastinating week after week!! So to avoid falling in that bubble, I write down my specific goals down.

3. Have breakfast: I don’t think anyone was expecting this because it is something I still struggle with. I try to have breakfast at least 3 times a week. Breakfast gives you the morning push you need. I’m not some health expert but it is the daily boost you need to get you attentive and in the right frame of mind. It also gives you the energy you need to start the day on a high note.

Now, what does it take to maintain that high note….

4. Staying Positive: You are your biggest motivator. There will be days when you will have to be your own cheerleader and fan! Hello??

The key to conquering every day starts with the mind. Wake up with the BELIEF that you can handle anything that comes your way. I explained more about this in my post: 4 Ways I Stay Motivated Daily?!’ Affirmations like I always say work like magic. Get up and speak greatness, speak life, speak productivity. Not everyone that works hard gets results and becomes successful. That is the hard truth. Yes, you work hard but a lot of the power of transformation  lays in the mind.

Another thing that helps me stay productive each day is the Positive Reminders I get on my iPhone with apps such as ‘Sprinkles of Jesus’ and ‘she who is called.’ I also have the Pure Jess & The Lindsey’s Apps where they send daily motivation.

Positivity is a choice; the same way happiness is a choice. We have a lot to do ourselves. If you want to see results in your life, you have to make the move.

Our lives are not panned out the same way. But these points I’ve mentioned are tips you can apply in your life. If it seems overwhelming, start with tip#1: It might be waking up 30 minutes earlier than your usual waking up time and you find with that, you are able to achieve more.

The little things matter.

How do you stay productive each day?? Let’s get the conversation going in the comment section.

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Motty xo