I must start this post by saying a huge thank you to all for the feedback on my last post: 4 Ways I Stay Motivated Daily! It is now the most viewed post on my blog, one of the reasons being, people can relate to it. We all need motivation, it is what drives us and the four things I shared may sound simple but they go a long way in keeping me grounded.

So this week’s post is another relatable one. We all have bad days.  Everyone does including your favourite celebrities, mentors and successful icons.

Over the past weekend, I was watching one of my favourite YouTubers and she was sharing how we might see people on social media all looking happy and living life to its fullest which is perfectly fine but we don’t really know what goes on behind the scenes, we don’t realise that they too have their bad days…

It is a part of life and although bad days come in different ways, the attitude to handling it most times is the same. Hence, here are a few things I do when I’m having one of ‘those’ days.


  1. Acknowledge it: I know you might be like what?! But, how can you move forward without acknowledging what has happened or what is happenning? If you don’t acknowledge the problem, how can you find a solution? When I realise I’m having a bad day and bad days don’t necessarily have to mean ‘sad news or something so terrible’ It could be that you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, you are simply not in the mood, you don’t feel motivated and things are not going your way…

So the first thing I do is accept it ‘Okay, Motty! I see it’s one of them days. Moving forward….what can I do? How can I make the most out of today?”

BREATHE IN!!! Remind yourself of who you are!

Leading to my second point…

  1. Do a little bit of self-talk: After acknowledging it, then the real work starts…I tell myself I have a choice to turn this day around with the right attitude or continue in a sour mood and let this day control me.” One of my favourite quotes by Albert Einstein goes this way …

There are only two ways to live your life. One as though nothing is a miracle. The other as though everything is a miracle.”

I stumbled across this quote in one of the best self- help books I’ve read. It’s titled ‘The Miracle Morning: 6 Habits that will transform your life before 8 am’, by Hal Elrod.  It is an amazing book and I would totally recommend it. If you would like to check out the book or purchase it, click here!

So the quote above made me realise that I have a choice to make the best out of every situation, out of every day; remembering that God has allowed me to see a new day  because He still has a purpose for my life. So doing a little pep talk helps me when I go through the low days.

Tell yourself that ‘you can handle anything that comes your way,’ ‘you are an overcomer.’ Affirmations like I mentioned in my previous post work like magic! Speak positivity over your life!!


  1. Do a little task you enjoy: This could be as simple as playing your favourite album, calling your best friend, journaling, exercising, cooking – anything to take your mind off. So the next question might be ‘What if I’m in college or at work’? It might not be convenient to do all these things but taking a few minutes helps; it could be during your lunch break or your commute, think of something which will lighten your mood. It could be your family or your friends or a funny moment. Talk to someone, if the problem is academic; speak to someone who is good at the course of your tutor. Try and resolve the problem. Sometimes letting off what is on your mind might be all you need…

So it depends on the situation and the environment you are in…When things aren’t going your way, tell yourself ‘okay! What is the lesson here, what can I do to make the most of today…’

If you are at home, take a quick nap! It’s one of the tips I gave in my post: What to do when you are under pressure.’ A good sleep takes your mind off the situation for some time and lets the brain rest.


So here are just a few tips that work for me. Everyone is different. What works for one might not work for another. The most important thing is to find what will rekindle your joy in whatever situation you find yourself.


It’s gonna be okay…


What do you do when you are going through one of those days?? I would love to know so feel free to leave a comment down below! Also, you can connect with me on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with my daily life hacks and words of inspiration!


Motty xo