Hi everyone!

2016 Presidential Elections is finally over! Wow! For those who’ve followed through, what a challenging one! Though some may not have expected the results we had, it’s important not to lose hope but to stay focused and true to our dreams and let’s all come together realising things happen for a purpose and it’s all for the greater good.

Over the course of the past year and a half, I’ve learnt three life lessons from the Elections and I feel it will be helpful to share it with you all. You see, every event that occurs, or every challenge and experience we face, we should ask ourselves two questions: what did I learn and what can I improve on?

Here are 3 KEY Lessons I learnt from both of the candidates. I think they worked extremely hard and both did a good job!


  1. PERSISTENCE: This election was a tough one! From the rhetoric to sarcasm, to the nasty remarks and all, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump stood strong. They both had their down times, like we all have; times when little or no believes in you; times where you have to summon strength from within and be your biggest motivation, fan and cheerleader. Life will always throw you lemons, do you give up or do you persevere. It’s in times like these you’ve got to trust that voice within, that very voice that led you to pursue that goal, to start that project or business, to apply to that college or to do something you’ve feared all along. Friends, whatever we face in life, no matter how things turn out, even if the road may seem long and arduous, let’s keep the Faith, let’s keep our eyes on the bigger picture. If anyone had told me Donald Trump would be the next US President, I would not have believed it, what can we learn from this; keep your eyes fixed on your goal no matter the amount of opposition you might face, keep on keeping on!


  1. GIVE IT YOUR ALL: Whatever you’re currently pursuing, it could be down to an assignment or coursework project or as big as a business idea, whatever it is, my message to you is give it your all. Both candidates did this; they put their heart, mind, soul; complete dedication to their goal and it pays off. Even though you might not always get the outcome you so desire, it has brought you life lessons money cannot buy, experiences and memories you’ll forever cherish, scars that will be a constant reminder of how you overcame; of that strength and power inside of you. Now, you’re young, you still have time on earth, spend these years productively, live life to the fullest, be it in your spiritual life, academics, finances, relationships, give it your all and you will reap nothing short of the best!




  1. SOMETIMES IN LIFE, THINGS DON’T GO AS PLANNED: That’s life and what are you going to do about it; whine and complain or accept the outcome, learn from it and move on. This was true for Secretary Clinton like she said in her concession speech “It is painful,” and it is, I can imagine what’s like for her after dedicating your whole life to politics, helping people and trying to be a voice for all….but sometimes in life, we get unexpected outcomes. You learn from them and keep pressing on . The same with President Elect Trump, he’s still coming to the reality of his presidency, that he made it; he did it, through it all. So friends, this is life, we have our different setbacks, different things occur, let’s hold on, let’s reject fear and cynicism and keep on dreaming, keep on working hard, keep on giving it your all and your reward will surely come.


I must say I enjoyed the Elections from start to finish. It’s finally over and it’s for us to face the reality and find out how we all in our little corners can make the world a better place!

Motty xo