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I know it is exam season for a lot of you all! Hence, this week we will be having a guest post from Daniel Oderinde. He is a regular contributor for Motty Inspires and his recent post here was How To Stay Disciplined + Time Management Hacks for University.

It is a pleasure to have him share 3 Important Study Hacks to help you conquer your end of term exams!

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Inhale, Exhale – These Exams I’m Here To Help You Get Through!

It’s the time of the year especially within the academic system where people will be preparing and going through exams. Personally, I won’t be, as my course is assignment/essay based but I do know the feeling! That’s why I’ve devised this blog post again,  to hopefully share some #LifetimePrinciples to help during these exam periods.


1st Principle – Find What Works For You:

Many students find it difficult to revise, take in information and learn because the methods they are using just aren’t working for them. In high school, my teacher always suggested a method to the class in terms of revising, it worked for some people but it just never worked for me. At that moment, I had to really ask myself, what type of learner I was? I had to know whether going hours straight was productive, whether using pictures would be helpful, or whether I was best suited using books or using technological devices – these are questions that if you haven’t already, you should ask yourself so you can get the best out of your revision time. Because trust me, once you know what works for you, it will be easier to sail through your revision period and into your exams.



Principle No. 2 – Don’t Bite More Than You Can Chew:

I had a lady tell me recently, that she was stressing out with her assignments, I had to tell her to relax, breathe, and make a list of what assignments you want to get done at a time. The reason why I said that to her was because, if you’re out in these streets chasing 2 rabbits – YOU AIN’T GETTING NONE lool! What was good was that the day later she messaged me saying she felt so happy with herself for getting 1 out of the many assignments done – and this is the mindset I also want you to have. Whether you have loads of things to do or just a few things to do, list whatever it is that they may be and put them in an order of priority. Once you have that order, tackle one at a time and I can promise you that your time and energy will be spent more productively!



Lastly, Principle No. 3 – Tick All Your Boxes:

Most times people stress about exams, assignments, and essays because they just haven’t done the necessary work that is required. Some of you will be reading this and think “damn, I actually haven’t done any revision” or “I actually didn’t do that core reading” – for you guys this me now putting you on blast! You can never achieve what you don’t know, so make it a priority to GET THE INFORMATION THAT YOU NEED! Listen! How you get and retain that information is up to you, but make sure you get what you need so that when it comes to doing that exam or that assignment you’ve got yourself checked & covered in terms of what YOU need to know!


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I know this blog post is quite short, but I also hope it was productive in terms of the advice being given.

P.s. guys, we live in a world of options and resources – let’s use them to our advantage instead of making excuses and taking them for granted!

Love and Peace!


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