Hello everyone!

I felt it was important to share with you all this year’s goals for Motty Inspires. 2016 like I mentioned in the previous posts was an amazing one for this brand and my desire is to grow this community and serve you all better by bringing quality, motivational content that will inspire you to achieve your goals and live a successful life.

This year, I hope to do some collaboration with blogs and brands within the self-development niche either through guest posts, interviews, sponsored posts etc. This way, I am able to increase exposure to my brand and reach millions of millennials around the world hungry for personal development content.

Here are my 7 top goals for 2017: Motty Inspires


Motty Interviews: There is a new project coming up on mottyinspires.com. I mentioned it briefly in the Start Here section; it is basically a compilation of Q&A’s with successful millennials across the globe. They will be sharing their stories with us, successes and challenges, what inspires them and a few life hacks. The aim of this series is to provide examples of focused, extraordinary young people who are living their purpose each day and stirring you to think ‘If they can do it, why can’t I?”



Grow my Instagram Community: It has been a pleasure getting to meet other bloggers, entrepreneurs and various talented young people on Instagram. There, I feature daily motivational quotes and videos to keep you inspired each day of your life.


Generate more traffic to my blog: My desire is that my work will impact and affect millions of youths around the world. Though it may not seem like that now, every day, I tell myself that ‘Rome was not built a day,’ every good thing in life takes time and in order to see the best results, one needs to be consistent and that’s my goal for this year, to be consistent blogging every week, on Instagram and Twitter.


Collaborate: As this community gets bigger, I have begun to interact with so many awesome people and would love to work with them either through guest posts. I’m planning on guest-posting for motivational websites Addicted2Success, Motivation Grid and Fearless Motivation. Make sure you check them out; their content is life-changing. In the same way, I would love to invite bloggers within the self-development/education/college blogging space to feature on my blog. So if you would like to collaborate with me or know someone who has an inspiring story to share or words of encouragement to young people, don’t hesitate to send me an email or DM me on Twitter.


Hold a Q&A on Twitter: I recently asked my followers on Instagram what exactly they wanted to see from Motty Inspires and some mentioned motivational quotes, life hacks, how-to’s, and Q&A’s. So I felt it would be good to host one on Twitter and/or Instagram depending on which platform you all prefer. The questions will be centered on personal development, life hacks for young people, overcoming challenges, excelling in college, motivation, pursuing your dreams etc. I won’t be the only one answering the question. When I post it, anyone who has an answer or a suggestion can reply. Stay tuned for that!


Attend a networking event: I’m hoping to attend an empowerment/self-development/blogging conference, seminar or workshop along the lines of passion whether it’s in entrepreneurship, motivational speaking, education etc. That way, I will be able to network with other people within my niche and possibly grow this community and help even more people.


Monetize: There’s nothing like earning an income doing something you love. So if the opportunity arises through affiliate marketing, ads, sponsored posts etc., I will be willing to monetize my blog. There again it’s dependent on if it aligns with my mission, I did not set up Motty Inspires for the financial rewards but for a greater purpose and anyone who comes into blogging for monetary reasons is on the road to misery and failure and your audience will always know. Like I always mention, there is no such thing as ‘overnight success,’ your audience will always know if you are a quack or guru so do things for the right reasons.


These are my goals for this year. I’m very optimistic of what 2017 has to offer. What are your personal/academic/financial goals? Or if you’re a blogger, would love to know some of your goals. Leave them in the comment section, let’s get this conversation going.


P.S: To all those returning back to school/college/uni, wishing you all a productive semester. The first step to making 2017 your year is to believe in you, for more of these steps check out my last post.


Motty xo