Hello everyone! 2017 is almost here, just a few days away and it’s important we reflect on this past year and see what it has brought and what we would like to carry on to the following year. I actually got this idea from my fellow blogger Amanda Cross of  Happy Arkansan, she set out a challenge of taking a sheet of paper with a list of the 12 months and next to it, writing the most interesting thing that happened in that month. I felt this was ‘reflection’ was an important thing to do hence I thought I would… View Post

Hello everyone! As this year draws to a close, it’s important we reflect on this past year, its blessings and its challenges. Each year, we encounter experiences that mould us, that transform us into who we are meant to be. If you’re not learning, you’re not growing. There should be growth in your life each day, yes we make mistakes but we must be learning from them, we should be improving. I like this season of the year right up from the Thanksgiving holiday to Christmas and then to New Year’s, it has a central theme of reflection and gratitude… View Post

On your journey to success, you will encounter the ‘season of preparation.’ This is the real deal; this is where we differentiate the disciplined people from the indisciplined. It is the stage where we see the persistent ones who keep going against all odds and the ones who give up too soon. Success is a journey not a destination, ask any successful person they will tell you that they’re still becoming, they are still striving and learning, making mistakes each day and using them as tools to sojourn. As young people, it’s during these years that the ‘season of preparation’… View Post

Hello everyone! December is here and 2016 is winding down so fast. It’s the last month of the year and a lot is going on. Its finals season for some of my college friends and for some the holiday season has begun. However it’s the last lap of this year and we want to make it as productive and rewarding as possible. There are just a few more weeks to finish up on all the goals you had for this year and start planning the forthcoming year. Planning and preparation for 2017 should begin now and not when you enter… View Post