24 hours has been allocated to man, have you thought about how you spend it. Are you using your time wisely or instead dilly-dallying and procrastinating one day after the other? Each day is your chance and my chance to be great; to show who we are made of, to demonstrate to the world we can accomplish anything we set our mind to. How do you take each day? How do you handle the work-load, the pressure, the stress? Do we find more effective ways to multi-task so we can get work done or do we just leave things to… View Post

Hey everyone! I recently watched the “We will Rise” film on Let Girls Learn, Michelle Obama’s initiative for girl’s education. It was amazing! Their stories were so inspiring! The film took us on a journey of Michelle Obama’s trip to Liberia and Morocco along with CNN’s Isha Sesay and actresses Meryl Streep and Freida Piento. They helped in bringing these girls together and letting them share their stories. Watching them talk about the hardships and difficulties they’ve got to endure in order to get the education they deserve. For some of these girls, it’s waking up early to do the… View Post