We are all on this journey. Although two parts are never the same, here are a few things you should know as you embark on this journey because as millennials transitioning into adulthood, life does throw a lot at us. In times like these, it is easy to get overwhelmed with what you want to actually do i.e. what your purpose it, how to handle challenges etc. I want to let you know these emotions are normal. What matters most is your attitude. Are you willing to persevere or relent?

So I have decided to divide this post into two parts- below are five crucial things you should know and the other five will be in Part 2.

Let’s dive into it!

First things first…

1. There will be the ‘bad days.’: Starting on a more ‘unhappy ‘ note but it is the reality of life and when you encounter days like these, you should take them as the unavoidable experiences of life. They have come to mould you, to shape you into the person you were destined to be. Challenges, disappointments, rejections are all learning experiences. Our faith cannot grow if it’s rosy all day every day. The bad days show what we are made of, who we really are. This is a fact that has gradually registered in my mind. Life will throw its lemons at you but you have the choice every time to make good ‘ol lemonade. Life would not be so bad if we take each day with the right attitude because nothing happens by chance which leads me to my second point.

2. Everything happens for a purpose: Your very existence is for a reason. The fact you are alive today reading this post shows God still has a plan for your life. The truth is that no one is born just to go through the motions of life instead we are here to use our God-given talents, our unique abilities to help society. When every single being puts their gifts to use and we all learn to work together, humanity is better. Your past experiences, mistakes, disappointments all happened for a reason. Think about it. You would not be the man or woman you are today without them. Look how far you have come- all you have been through and yet you are still standing. Always remember ‘your scars are a reminder of all you have overcome’ – Michelle Obama. They are part of your story so embrace them. Your story might be all someone needs to take that next step in life as you never know who you are inspiring…so trust the process!
3. Not everyone will like you: Another harsh reality. It is hard to hear but it is so true and there is no point spending your life people-pleasing. As you climb higher on the success ladder, the critics, haters, gain-sayers will surge. Accept this fact and move on. Do not let it hinder your progress instead let it push you to work harder and prove them wrong. At first, it will seem hard. It will seem discouraging and you might shed a few tears but like President Trump said ‘the future belongs to the dreamers and not the critics.’ Keep your eyes on your goal and know when to take on board the much needed feedback and filter the rest. The thing is that even when you are doing ‘good’ i.e. the right thing, people will always have something to say. But if you check out my previous post on ‘Why other people’s opinions do not matter,’ you will find out that other people’s views of you do not count unless you allow them too. Black out negativity. Ignore the background noise. Stay focused. You are young, full of hope, ambition, ‘big dreams’, and it is easy to get distracted- expecting everyone to be on our wagon cheering you on but…sadly that is not life.

Nonetheless, beware of the so-called ‘friends,’ who are not happy to see you win. These are the people you should get rid of- the toxic relationships filled with jealousy, gossip and negativity. Surround yourself with people who inspire you, who encourage you, who lift you up and are sincerely happy for you but at the same time, willing to correct you when you are taking the wrong turn.

P.S: You can tell I was passionate about this one lol, so after a couple more points, I would continue in Part 2 of 10 Things Millennials should know in life.

4.Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose: Every great person you admire today has failed at some point in their lives but the reason why you look up to them is because they did not let their mistakes deter them from their goals. They did not quit instead they held on, kept their eyes on the end goal and used those failures as stepping stones to success. So friend, do not be a sore loser. Take everything in good spirits. Learn all you can, they have happened to bring the best in you.

5. Life requires patience: I also wrote a similar post on this point which was ‘why it is important to trust the process.’ Make sure you check it out! We live in a world of instant gratification i.e. I want this now, so I must have it now and it is easy for us to translate this into the everyday reality and life is not like that. Life is about learning to wait…learning to trust, learning to have faith even when there are no immediate signs. It is a journey and sometimes you pray for things and you would not get the answers until five years, sometimes in a week. That is life and it is the reason why I felt it was important to write this post- to remind both you and me of these truths. I will end with this quote. 



Stay tuned for Part 2 of ’10 Things Millennials should know in life.’ If you think there are other things we should know, make sure you leave them in the comment section. Let’s get the conversation going!


Motty xo