Hey everyone! Hey Girl-Bosses!

I am so excited to bring you another blog post that will inspire and empower the ladies to move a step higher on the success ladder (however you define success.)

First things first. Girl bosses aren’t perfect! They haven’t got everything together. They haven’t got it all figured out. They make mistakes. They get discouraged. BUT and that is the key word -They don’t allow all these things define them.

They realize success is a journey and it’s not a straight one- it has bumpy rides, stop signs, junctions, road jams etc. And that is life…but girl bosses have understood this and seek to take advantage of everything life has to offer. So to all my ladies out there, here are 10 Practical Tips to help you on your Girl Boss journey…


#1 Be a PLANNER: Girl bosses aim to be in control and on top of things whether it’s their tasks or deadlines. They see ahead and plan accordingly. Adopting a morning routine is also important and I will be doing a post on that soon. Get up early, shake that sleep and get ready to conquer the day. A new day brings new opportunities to take advantage of. Not for you to complain or compare your journey to someone else’s but to be confident in yourself and your journey.



#2 Aim to be productive rather than being busy: Girl bosses have got no time to waste. They avoid the time wasters. It’s one thing to work hard and be busy and it’s another thing to be productive. Girl bosses are all about results, results, results. Prioritising is an essential skill in life and one you should adopt. Everything you are spending time on should be adding some sort of value.


#3 Know when to take a break: The importance of self-care can’t be overemphasized. Take time to take care of you and invest in every area of your life. Learn how to pamper you girl! Being a girl boss is not all about the money even though that’s good but it’s more about balance…There are times when you have to put your family and friends before your job or business, to put meaningful relationships first because the precious moments spent together are priceless. So it is important to know when and what to prioritize.



#4 Celebrate your accomplishments: You conquer that goal, you smash that assignment or project, get that promotion etc., take time to show appreciation and gratitude to God. Celebrate with your friends!!


#5 Stand with your values: Girl bosses are not willing to compromise with the slightest pressure. If something doesn’t align with your vision or principles, it’s okay to say no, it’s okay to forfeit it! Be a woman of integrity. People might not always agree with you, you might be made fun of, you might be the only one standing but you will always be respected and that is key!


#6 DO YOU! : Girl bosses have learned to mind their own business and focus on watering their grass instead of being concerned about whether their neighbour’s grass is greener or not. They are focused on *bettering* themselves each day! And it is important we guard our heart against all negativity especially through social media. Focus on your journey.


#7 Stay Positive: The reality of life is that there will be hard times. But you have the choice to maintain the right attitude and realize with every challenge comes maturity, experience and the building muscles of resilience you will need through the curves of life. Choose to see the bright side of any challenge you face. Everything will work out for your good. Always remember that. So when things go wrong or not as planned, don’t panic. Breathe in, evaluate the situation and be solution oriented. If you want to know 3 Things I do when I’m having a bad day, check it out here!


#8 Do what you have to do until you can do what you want to do: Girl bosses do not mind the many ladders they will have to climb to reach the level of success they want. It might be starting with a regular job that is not your favorite but there, you learn all the skills and knowledge that is needed for the bigger blessings you want- the dream job, 6 figure earning business… They are ready to put in the work, forfeit the nights out and hustle knowing that it is temporary. And even when they do become successful, that drive never stops! They never settle.


#9 Believe in yourself: I always say there are times when you’ve got to be your own cheerleader and motivation and fan and Chief Encourager. There will be times when you are the only one who believes in your vision and when you do face times like these, summon strength within and pick yourself up!

You want to become a girl boss, be prepared to do a lot of self-talking! I’m also a firm believer in ‘fake it till you make it’ With this attitude, you will surely reach your goal as long as you take quitting out of your dictionary.

#10 Don’t settle: Girl bosses are not willing to settle! Yes, they might have to practice some patience temporarily but they don’t let their current situations dictate their future. They are not willing to settle for mediocre whether it is in relationships, academics, finances or career. Aim for the top. Stop selling yourself short. Your playing small does not serve the world. The world needs to see the gift that God has deposited in you. So each day, aim to shine bright wherever you find yourself. Give whatever you are doing your best or don’t do it at all!




My girl bosses, I hope this post gave you the inspiration you need to WAKE, PRAY and SLAY each day! Remember it’s not a strive for perfection but for progress each day.

Which tip was your favourite and which are you looking to implement in your life? Leave your thoughts in the comment section and I will respond to them.

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Motty xo


  • lavinya royes

    Point 2: Aim to be productive rather than busy. YES!!!!
    I am so guilty of having a ton of tabs open and my concentration drawn to a million things instead to tackling the task at hand! I’m working on working smarter rather than harder. Great tips! – x

    Lavinya Royes – Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

    • Motunde

      Thank you Lavinya! I understand you completely! Glad you found these tips helpful!

  • I needed this!

    I’m at that stage where I’ve finally stopped trying to please everyone else, and am focusing on what I need and want, but I can’t decide if planning everything as much as possible will help.

    I’m still in that mindset where spontaneity and organisation are battling each other. I suppose I should try being more organised and productive, there’s no harm in trying.

    • omotundesther✨

      Omg!! You are actually the first person on my blog to comment! I really appreciate you sis! I’m at that stage too! Focusing on DOING YOU is so key! I understand you completely and I hope my posts do help! If you need any more self-help advice, feel free to dm me on Instagram or Twitter. xx