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I am very excited to bring to you all another post and this one is very important especially for those at college/university. I will be sharing 10 Habits of Highly Successful Students and these are habits I implement in my life and have worked for me!

The first thing to note about successful students is that it is merely just about getting good grades and occupying every leadership position on campus. Yes, this plays a huge role but the following tips are practical life hacks that are not only important and vital in ensuring you have a good university experience but habits that will help you live a purposeful and successful life.




  1. They have a killer morning routine: Successful people, in general, have a standard morning routine and there is nothing beneficial like adopting this habit while you are still in school. The first 30 mins to an hour of your morning is key. It really dictates how your day will be like. Mornings are for you to spend time on personal growth, it could be reading a self-help book, listening to your favourite podcast, meditating, reading motivational blogs- anything to get yourself in the right frame of mind. For you as a student, waking up early allows you to factor time for you. It gives you time to get yourself ready for the day- whether it’s writing down your daily goals, filling them in your planner, packing your bags, tracking your academic progress etc. Adopt a morning routine where you can factor in time for yourself and your personal growth.



  1. They are organized: Organisation is a key habit in life. It is essential to being productive. Highly successful students are always up to date with the tasks they are meant to do whether it’s assignment deadlines, projects, upcoming exams, meetings with professors and study schedules. They are not the students who are perpetually missing deadlines and running late to lectures. They know how to manage their time effectively and know where to be at the right place and at the right time. If you are struggling with organization, get a planner or schedule. Fill in all your tasks and make a habit of checking it daily so you keep abreast of all you have to do. Better still, you can adopt this into your morning routine.



  1. They don’t give excuses: Successful students take charge of their life. They are not constantly blaming one lecturer or course mate for all their problems. They are not even blaming a bad grade on the lecturer who doesn’t teach well. They take responsibility for their life. They realize it’s their degree, it’s their future, and it’s their life. They are also willing to accept when they’ve made a mistake and own up when they are at fault.


  1. Successful students think and plan ahead: Well, I can totally identify with this one. This habit is so me…Successful people, in general, are planners. They think ahead, they don’t wait for disaster to come knocking at their door; instead, they look for ways now to prevent it. Successful students know the tasks they have to do and start work early. They are not preparing for examination three days before. They see way ahead and strategize accordingly. Yes, I know in life, things don’t go as planned but when you have done your best, there is that assurance that all will be well.



  1. They stick to their schedules: Successful students say NO when they have to. If they know a certain social event is going to disrupt their study/work time, they are prepared to forfeit it. They are willing to stick to what has been planned. They are not easily swayed by the ideas and opinions of others. They always remember their WHY and it keeps them grounded.


  1. Successful students move around with other successful students: This is a principle of life. Values and principles are what draw friendships together. Successful students move with students who are brighter than them. They don’t see this as competition but, as a way to grow and learn from other people. They understand the importance of solid and meaningful friendships.



  1. Successful students are not quick to give up: They are persistent. Yes, things won’t always your way. You will face challenges but they realize that everything is for a purpose. No situation is temporary. Yes, there will be hard times during your university years, there will be times when you feel like giving up when you do not understand a certain module or the work seems overwhelming. They keep their eyes on their goal and that keeps them pushing forward.


  1. They put in the work: Successful students don’t just excel and get 1st’s by procrastinating time after time, they are ready to put in the work! That is how it is with everything with in life. If you don’t put in the work, don’t expect to see results. I love a saying by one of my mentors which goes “Work while your competitors are sleeping and playing.” It is so true! You want to move to the next level of your life, you must be willing to put in the effort.



  1. They look for ways expand their horizon: Successful students realize that university is not just purely academics…although it plays a major part. But, it is 3 plus years of you maturing into the person you were meant to be – spiritually, psychologically, and financially- in virtually every area of your life! It is a learning curve- where you get to meet people from different parts of the world, learn new things and constantly put yourself at the forefront of opportunities.


  1. Successful students celebrate their small wins: They realize that it’s not good to be too hard on yourself. You smashed that assignment, treat yourself! You deserve it and it will also keep you motivated to work harder and put in your very best not just for the treats lol but for your future self!


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“That person you want to be five years from now, that successful man or woman you want to be, that girl boss you want to become, is relying on the decisions you make today. So before you do anything; ask yourself ‘Will my future thank me for this?”


Hope you all enjoyed this post! Which habit was your favourite? And which one are you looking to implement in your life? Let me know in the comment section. I’m still working on applying all these tips in my life.

Sometimes, things don’t go as planned, some days I have little or no motivation, sometimes I feel overwhelmed and unproductive…but I don’t let these feelings stop me. I press on! That is the most important thing- that I’m willing to get back up, try again and keep doing my very best!

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